Monday, May 14, 2012

Eve Online Inferno Expansion

I used to play the space MMO Eve Online and I enjoyed aspects of it, but I never got into the crazy player versus player combat or slow paced gameplay. Last time I played they had just come out with the controversial avatar update that allowed you to create a character with a new and impressive character creator, but it was controversial because it also added in cosmetic clothing for your character and it cost absolutely absurd amounts of money, real money. Now there is an upcoming free expansion that once again updates that character creator and so much more. Inferno improves on so many aspects of the game that it's impressive. It also adds new features like the Mercenary Marketplace, War Declaration System and Kill Reports. Read on as I go through every part of the new expansion.

The first thing on CCP's list of improvements and new features is thew new look for missiles and launchers. Missiles and missiles launchers are graphically improved to the point where you can now adequately enjoy the impact of a missile striking an enemy ship. It actually looks quite good in action and I will link that video after this paragraph. The video also shows off the new UI that looks quite a bit cleaner. They have also added an effect bar that shows you more detailed information about what is happening to your ship during combat. They made it so you can more easily react to enemy tactics and see exactly what is going on. Another change to UI and graphics has to do with your ships inventory. They have made a unified inventory that will let you access all of your hangers and ships. If you've ever played the game the game you will know that is quite nice, especially when you often had to travel several systems just to access a different ships inventory. On top of all these changes there are plenty of small UI changes that CCP has been doing over time, which you can take a look at here. So here is a video that shows off some of the UI changes and the new missile system, plus it explains quite a bit of it. Skip to 3:33 if you just want to check out the new missile system.

Now for some of the new features, like the War Declaration System. It isn't exactly a new feature, but more of an improvement onto the pre-existing war system. With this you can view battles with a timeline that shows the course of the battle and there is a new war report that basically shows how well you did that battle, a report that anyone can see. You may also set a surrender amount for the war and that allows the enemies to keep their ships intact, normally they would just lose the war and their ships. There is also changes to the Factional Warfare system, many changes actually, but the most notable are the new upgrading system and station changes. When you capture a station it used to take 5-7 hours until it switched hands to the new faction, but so many players were having problems with logging out and coming back in later to find that their friendly station has changed hands, so now they have increased the time it takes to capture a station to 30-35 hours. In regards to upgrades you can donate loyalty points to the local infrastructure Hub in order to gain benefits and this all applies to everyone in the system except for an enemy faction. There is a large amount of information Factional Warfare system available, much of which has to do with UI and making it easier to manage everything related to warfare, and if you would like to know more about the changes head on over to this Eve Insider post and take a look.  

In the Inferno expansion they are adding something called the Mercenary Marketplace. It is a place where you can hire people to get revenge on a player for you or whatever you want. Now you can set up a mercenary group with a small amount of players and become the best group out there. It's just one more way you can play the game and one more way to earn money. Kill Reports are another of the many UI improvements that are intended to give the player access to more information when it comes to wars, battles and past achievements. Lastly they are added sixteen new modules to the game, which are pieces of equipment that can be mounted to your ship to perform a specific purpose like increasing your energy reserves. Here is an example of a Kill Report below.

Click on this to make it readable

On top of everything I've talked about there is a lot more to the Inferno expansion. Sure most of the changes aren't overtly huge changes, but there are so many UI, graphical and warfare changes that it should make everything related a lot easier to manage and enjoy. They are working on a trailer for Inferno and I will post at the bottom of this post when it was out, but for now you may check out all of the changes over at their Inferno page. Inferno will be coming out on May 22nd and it is free. I don't plan to jump back into the fray, but there are mainly appealing features about this expansion and it should be quite exciting for anyone who has enjoyed Eve online in the slightest. Thanks for reading. 

-Written by Sean Cargle


  1. As a player of seven years i would suggest that players look else where this game has numerous bugs things that are promised and never delivered misbalanced universal asset sharing ( the rich live in only a few regions with so much isk intake that driving or killing them off to get said assets is impossible. no small scale pvp only large lag infested blob fights un balanced weaponry a poor customer support department ccp will not clean the botters/macro players out of the game because it would crash the markets and destroy the game and the time invested to get good skills to be able to hunt and kill solo take way too long i suggest players invest in a better run and managed video game

    1. Quite true CCP Games will try to bandage one part of the game and then release new eye candy to distract people from the errors and bugs they will never fix.