Friday, May 4, 2012

Iron Front Liberation 1944 Overview

Has anyone reading this played the Invasion 1944 complete modification for ARMA 2? Iron Front: Liberation 1944 is essentially that modification except professionally done and set in the eastern front of World War II (Russians versus Germans). It does use the same engine as ARMA 2 and has a similar look as a result. Once you take a look at the game in action you will notice, if you have played ARMA 2, that the menus, briefing, UI, crosshairs, movement and most everything looks nearly identical to ARMA 2. It is unclear of whether or not the tank, infantry and air mechanics are better than those of ARMA 2, for there are many problems with that engine, but it does look very exciting as they create large scale combat that involves air, vehicles and infantry. It is being made by Deep Silver and X1 Software. Deep Silver you may know for the Risen series, Dead Island or the Sacred series, among many other games. Before I go any further into the technical details of the game take a look at this newest trailer that is focused on infantry.


That isn't much of a gameplay trailer, but at least you should understand how it generally looks. Iron Front is a first person shooter but it is also a military simulator. Each army has a fairly large list of units that consist of many different types of air, tanks, transport vehicles, naval units and infantry types. There are four islands in the game, all of which look to be pretty big. You will be a participant in combat, but you may also be a squad leader or commander, just like ARMA 2. There will be multiplayer, co-op and pvp, and an extensive editor that will let you create whatever scenario you can think of. Some notable differences between the gameplay of Iron Front and ARMA 2 are the vehicle models of destruction and fully destructible environments. Tank battles are more interesting due to the fact that tank shells can ricochet or penetrate armor in interesting ways. For instance a shell may penetrate through the side of a tank and go right through the driver, but leave the rest of the crew intact. There are also some other differences between the two games, like backpacks, different reloading animations, death animations, army specific languages, weapon mounting and a bunch of other small changes. 

Iron Front with have a singleplayer campaign that will let you play as Wehrmacht or the Red Army. It is set in southern Poland during a time of fierce combat that introduced many new types of tanks and planes on both sides. There will be plenty of semi-realistic combat that will involve mixes of artillery, infantry, tanks and air. An example of which would be infantry setting up mines along a route while trucks tow some artillery into place in anticipation of an incoming enemy convoy. Take a look at this video from Sidestrafe, who was playing the beta of Iron Front and had some interesting things to say about it. Normally I don't use other people's commentary videos, but this is one of the best gameplay videos I have seen for the game.

Iron Front: Liberation 1944 will be coming out this month exclusively on PC on May 25th. No word yet if it will be coming out on Steam, but it's pretty likely. I'm very uncertain of how much it will cost, can't seem to find that anywhere, but we will find out once it gets closer to release. If you would like more information on the game check out the various links below. Thanks for checking it out. 
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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