Friday, May 18, 2012

Project Copernicus Revealed

The Kingdom of Amalur MMO is called Project Copernicus and today they released their first video for it. It isn't exactly gameplay, but it is showing off the world in-game. There has been very little information about the game, especially since the developer 38 Studios has been having some serious financial problems. They also recently pulled out of E3 and said that it's not ready to show off yet. Project Copernicus looks to be based in the world of Amalur, but everything else about it has not yet been revealed. You can find plenty of information about Amalur here, but for now all we have is this first video, so take a look. Will be back once more is revealed on this. *5/23 Three screenshots revealed, look after video*


Screenshots revealed on Kingdom of Amalur Fan Site: 38 Watch
-Written by Sean Cargle


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