Friday, June 1, 2012

ARMA 3 E3 2012 Preview

The Electronic Gaming Expo in Los Angeles doesn't officially start until Tuesday, but this year many developers are starting to release pre-E3 videos, info and news. I have a couple of other posts to put up today in regards to E3 news, but first off we have a fantastic ARMA 3 video. For a while Bohemia Interactive has been showing off little snippets of gameplay on Stratis Island and today they showed off some real moving gameplay of infantry movement, flying a helicopter, piloting an underwater vehicle, driving a ground vehicle and a bit more. They also reecently released a very awesome lighting video, which I will throw up after the E3 video. With all this ARMA 3 news they have also been talking a bit about Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, which I intend to write an overview about at some point, but it is a fairly impressive looking RTS. Anyways, check out these videos and expect more E3 news to show on here up today.


Now for the recent and impressive Lighting Showcase video.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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