Thursday, June 28, 2012

ARMA 3 E3 2012 Showcases

Right before E3 Bohemia Interactive released some information about the two games they were showing off, which happened to be the military simulator ARMA 3 and the RTS/FPS hybrid Carrier Command. I'm going to be writing some impressions about Carrier Command later this week and you may find my commentary video on our Youtube page, but this post is about all about ARMA 3. They had six showcases at E3: underwater, air, land vehicles, night ops, infantry and support. Today they released videos to show off night ops and the underwater section. Over the next couple of weeks they will be releasing videos for each of those showcases.

When we went to E3 they had a couple of booths set up to try ARMA 3. If you recall my post about it, the demo we had was a showcase of Stratis Island that showed many different aspects of the game. I jumped on and tried the underwater section immediately, mainly because I didn't expect a whole lot new from the other sections and the previous Armed Assault game, ARMA 2, had nothing with swimming or underwater combat. The tiny demo had you controlling an underwater mini-submarine and moving into an area with some active old mines. You are supposed to deactivate the mines, which is easy enough, except there are enemy soldiers floating around the area. You have a specially designed sub machine gun designed to shoot under water and that felt a little odd, but the environment was gorgeous and movement pretty fluid. Take a look at that all in action.

After that demo I was taken back to the base camp, which was the hub for all the showcases, and decided to check out the night ops section. This was a lot more scripted and started out as a show. There were friendly squads moving around in this little valley dotted with chemlights (less bright and longer lasting versions of flares) and helicopters flying over. It was pretty dark all around, but the chemlights made the valley glow just enough to not put on night vision. I followed the trail of chemlights to the end of the valley and met with a patrol, then an actual mission started. We all threw on night vision and started patrolling long the road on top of the highest part of the valley. So far everything up to this point had just been to show how the chemlights, vehicle beams and helicopter lights look, but now my two squad members had laser sights arcing through the darkness and I was instantly confused as to whether the laser sights were from them or from enemies. It turned out everyone had them and I almost got shot in the face, but thankfully my squad mates saved me. My patrol continued on for a bit and then that showcased ended, but I was rather impressed with how night combat looks, especially compared to ARMA 2. Enough talk from me, check all that out in action.

Next week we will see what comes next, but I do have one more video that we took from E3. It is from the section of the showcase that was an actual mission and the person I was recording had no idea what was going on, but at least we got footage of something from ARMA 3 at E3. Take a look at that below and thanks for checking this out. If you want more head on over to the official post about the E3 footage or check out the main website below, especially if you are interested in the many new high quality screenshots they have added. 
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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