Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bringing you back to Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfram is a standalone Wolfenstein 3D remake that let's you gun down Nazi's, search for secret walls, earn achievements and collect treasure. This is the first Wolfenstein 3D remake that I've seen that is of decent quality and contains quite a bit of content. The modders at Chain Studios remade the game with their own Volatile 3D II engine and it features per-pixel lighting, ragdoll physics, reflections, soft stencil shadows, bump mapping and parallax mapping. All of those terms don't really mean anything to me, especially since I've never dabbled in development, but what it really means is that this game retains the look and feel of Wolfenstein 3D while sporting a much more modern graphical system.

Wolfram's artificial intelligence leaves a lot to be desired, but if you grew up playing Wolfenstein 3D back in the late 90's then you will certainly enjoy Wolfram on some level. All of the levels are remade exactly from the first episode of Wolfenstein 3D, same layout, enemies and geometry. If you've never played Wolfenstein 3D then you may have no idea that this game will be full of Nazi symbols and if those kind of things offend you they also have a version free of Nazi symbols. I've played Wolfram for a couple hours today and I really enjoyed it, even though I spent most of my time pressing E on every single wall in the game looking for secret passages, but there are a ton of secrets to be found and finding the secret level on my first try was satisfying. I took some video if you care to watch and if you want to try the game head on over to the link below. It is easy to download and install. Thanks for checking it out.
Moddb Page:

If you would like to play the original Wolfenstein 3D Bethesda has you covered. It is for free and in your browser:

-Written by Sean Cargle


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