Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dishonored E3 Presentation Revealed

One of my largest posts from E3 was about the Dishonored presentation and demo, seen here, and now they are showing off everything that we experienced except for the demo level. The presentation is a little bit different and more smooth, which actually made it less interesting to me because the player seems to make it all look too easy, but it is the same level and a very similar developer commentary. If you don't know Dishonored let me give you a brief overview. It is a sci-fi game that puts you in control of a supernatural assassin who is trying to get revenge on a whole ton of people who framed him for the death of The Empress. It is a mix of Bioshock and Assassin's Creed, but it still feels unique due to its first person melee combat and non-linear approach to level design. It is also very violent and has a focus on giving the player choices in every level. It is being made by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It will be coming out on October 9th for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Read on for the two videos and a short description of each.

Arkane Studios broke up their Dishonored E3 presentation into two videos. If you read my lengthy preview before then you will recognize a lot in the videos and the commentary may be a bit redundant, but for everyone else this information is pretty fresh and wasn't revealed prior to E3. The first video has the player going through a level with stealth in mind. He is trying his best not to alert guards or kill innocents. As a result this video is a bit longer than the second playthrough and is about fourteen minutes long.I must warn that both of these videos make the game look very easy, but they are cheating a bit and have everything unlocked, plus whoever is demoing the level intimately knows it. Check out the Golden Cat and see how the player can use the level and his powers to make stealth a viable option.

The second video has the player taking a different approach, a more direct approach. In this one they are displaying the many ways you can go through that same level, the Golden Cat, and how many different ways you can approach combat. Normally you wouldn't have so many different weapons and powers to kill your enemies with, but like I said earlier they everything unlocked for this demo and they do try to show off many of the different weapons. This playthrough is very brutal, but you may also notice that it is a lot tougher to play the game this way. The player is fighting through the Golden Cat killing everyone he sees, but with that he also has use to a lot of healing and power stims. The second part of this second video is a short section showing off the Tallboys (seen in the first screenshot way up there). Here is part 2 of the E3 gameplay walkthrough. 

Now you all have seen everything we saw at E3, except we did of course get to play a short demo that is not shown in either of these videos. I talked about the demo at the end of my E3 post, but let's just say it wasn't quite as open or polished as the presentation. It was still pretty fun though and some sections did have quite a few options presented to the player. It was also a bit tough and both Adam and I made some serious mistakes going through it. Thanks for checking out the videos and if you want to know more about Dishonored take a look at the their website below. 
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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