Saturday, June 16, 2012

Everything is Better With Friends

Especially Just Cause 2! A year ago, if not more, there was a lot of talk about a Just Cause 2 modification that would allow you to play the game multiplayer. Soon after it started to gain popularity, despite how rough it was, it disappeared from existence and most people thought it was dead. Today that same mod team released a new video for Just Cause 2 multiplayer that looks absolutely fantastic. They also put up a website that explains how they originally hit some obstacles that seemed immovable and had seemingly given up on the mod, but they have been secretly working on it again in the last month and have made some really great progress. You can now see that progress in all it's glory and even though I own Just Cause 2 on Xbox 360 I am going to be buying this game during the upcoming Summer Steam sale if this modification is half as fun as it looks. Take a look!

Notice all the bugs? or the frame rate reduction? Me neither, it looks fantastic and smooth. The Just Cause 2 MP modification isn't out yet, but they are working on bringing up a real website for the mod and they want to release the modification as soon as they can. I can't wait to see more about it and see just what this fantastic mod is capable of. They will be sending news and updates on their Twitter and Youtube page, but they also have this makeshift website up for now. Take a look at any of those if you want to keep an eye on the modification, but I will definitely do some updates on it and if it is released. Thanks for checking it. 

If you don't know Just Cause 2 let me sum it up in one sentence for you; it is a open world action game that does everything to the extreme and has little or no story, but if you can dig its overly action packed style of gameplay then it has a lot to offer and a massive world to explore. 
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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