Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Game of Dwarves Beta

I like city management games that are similar to the amazingly deep Dwarf Fortress or the devilishly fun Dungeon Keeper. A Game of Dwarves mixes both of those games together into a new experience that could turn out to be a lot of fun. You go through levels, like Dungeon Keeper, and build, explore, mine, create and manage your Dwarves. The farther you dig into the earth the greater treasures you will find, but you will also unleash untold horrors upon your Dwarves. A Game of Dwarves certainly won't offer as much depth as something like Dwarf Fortress, I don't believe anything will ever manage that feat, but it could offer an enjoyable experience that is geared towards casual gamers. When I say casual gamers I don't mean people who play Farmville, I just mean those of us who don't have the time or patience to work through Dwarf Fortress's challenging user interface and tough learning curve. If you would like to sign up for A Game of Dwarves you just need to head on over here and sign up. They will be sending out beta keys in a couple of weeks. For more information on the beta check out the original forum post. Thanks to Rock Paper Shotgun for the heads up.

If you are looking for something more like Dwarf Fortress then check back later tonight and I should have a post up on Gnomoria (it's up). Thanks for reading.

-Sean Cargle


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