Friday, June 8, 2012

A Game of Dwarves Trailer E3 2012

A Game of Dwarves

Every single day of E3 this year we were looking for the indie developers and wondering where they had gone. Sure there was some attached to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, but for the most part the indie developers were all off in tucked away in offices between the two mains hall of E3 or strangely absent. One of the most interesting games we saw last year at E3 was Orcs Must Die! and even though they are currently working on a sequel they didn't attend this year, same goes for many other small developers. Zeal Game Studio and Paradox Interactive threw out there the E3 trailer for a Game of Dwarves today and made me really miss the presence of small timers like this. This PC game is essentially a toned down mix of Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress. You go through levels on a campaign map and in each level you build yourself a base above ground and underground. There are enemies to battle, traps to place, a huge amount of objects to build, randomly generated maps to explore and dwarves to command. Read on for a bit more information and the E3 trailer.
A Game of Dwarves

I've been watching a Game of Dwarves ever since it was first announced and I was initially worried that the small team would end up disappearing or releasing an incomplete product, but they Zeal Game Studio has made some great progress since then and the game is really starting to shape up into something I would love to play. So now for some more details about the game, even though there aren't all that many available just yet. When you go through levels your dwarves will level up, gain new skills and become master warriors or masters at their profession. The game is essentially all about mining and digging as deep as you can without killing everyone. You will find many different types of resources in the earth, but you will also run into many different monsters. The deeper you dig the better resources you will find, resources needed to build advanced structures or equipment, but the deeper you go also means the more dangerous it will become. Even at this point there is already a lot of content in the game and I can't wait to see some full gameplay trailers of the game, but all we have for now is this new E3 trailer to ogle at. Thanks for reading and checking it out, be back with a lot more tomorrow.  
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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