Monday, June 11, 2012

Hawken Overview and E3 Impressions

By now any gamer who reads about gaming news on a even slightly regular basis has heard of Hawken, but if your like me you probably don't really know a lot about it other than it is free to play, looks gorgeous and is a player versus mech based multiplayer game. I got to try Hawken at E3 and I loved the smooth controls, versatile weapon systems and impressive graphics. Even though I only got to play one map and only team death match it was a lot of fun. Hawken will have four game modes: team death match, death match and two unannounced unique modes. They also recently revealed that the game will be coming out in December of 2012. There has been a lot of talk of Hawken using the Gaikai open cloud gaming platform, but it is initially coming out on PC. Before I go over anymore details let's take a look at one of Hawken's more recent gameplay videos.


Hawken is being developed by Adhesive Games, an independent and new studio out of Los Angeles, and Meteor Entertainment out of Seattle, Washington. It is the first game by Adhesive Games, but it is already  pretty impressive. The demo that I played was purely just mech vs mech, but there does seem to be some kind of game mode that involves fighting a giant ship (as seen in the video above). The game was only four versus four, but working together with your teammates to surprise and overwhelm the enemy team was pretty enjoyable. I really enjoyed how your mech has a limited jet pack that you can use to flank and surprise your enemies. Every time a mech was destroyed it dropped a small amount of energy that could be collected by anyone and that energy is essentially your mech's health. 

The one level in the demo

The area I got to play in was a futuristic city with a highway running through the middle of the map and buildings of various heights all dotting the horizon. It was fairly small, but left many opportunities to use the environment to your advantage, especially since everyone had radars that showed the location of any nearby mechs. After playing a round on that map, a fairly long round, I felt pleased with my first round of Hawken, but really wanted to see more. If two unique modes accentuate the feeling of freedom in this map or let you customize your mech in many various ways, than Hawken is going to be a pretty and delicious package when it comes out in December. Hawken has had beta signs up available for quite some time and they are still open if you wish to sign up, but there is no indication of if the beta has started or when they are going to be accepting more players. I just put that disclaimer out there because I haven't seen a single person who has gotten into it yet, but definitely sign up anyways. Also check out my video from Hawken gameplay video from E3 below (there is another one our Youtube page as well). Thanks for reading and checking this out.
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