Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Legend of Grimrock News

If you don't know Legend of Grimrock go read my review right now! It is a great first person adventure game for PC that successfully takes that old formula and makes it into something new and fresh. The game has been out for a couple of months now and Almost Human Games have started revealing information about their next game and the upcoming editor for Legend of Grimrock. Prepare yourself to have that tiny amount of information paraphrased in front of your eyes, plus the first video of the editor later on.

Almost Human Games did a fairly large blog update on June 20th and in it they talked about their next game a little bit, but it's all still pretty vague. They don't know what it is going to be yet, but they promise new monsters and new environments. Cool, except I don't understand how they can not know what they are making next and design monsters and environments for it. They do know that they are making another grid based game like Legend of Grimrock and it will likely be a sequel to that or an expansion. They do have a couple people already working on new content for whatever their next game is, but for now most of their time is being focused on bringing a working editor to Legend of Grimrock.

Thankfully the editor for Legend of Grimrock looks pretty easy to use and full of options. While you are using the editor there is a map that shows everything, just like the mini-map in the game, and a preview screen on the top right that shows everything in-game. Creating environments and enemies is really easy, while scripting may look a little more challenging, but they even made that really easy to use. In the editor demo, which I will be putting up below, the developer shows how you easily link objects to each other in order to create traps or locks. For those wanting more advanced scripting you can also do that using the script entity option.Whenever you are ready to try something in game you can just click on the preview screen and go straight into the game. Check out that video.

There isn't a release date yet for the editor, but they are promising to do more updates as it nears completion and you can follow that all on the Legend of Grimrock Blog. I really hope they decide to use Steam Workshop for the editor so we can all easily share maps with each other. Presumably they are also going to port the game at some point to Mac and Linux, since it's in their FAQ, but we will have to wait for further updates to see anything about that. Thanks for checking it out and I will be back shortly with some more.
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