Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Next Total War Game

The most beloved Total War game is almost unanimously Rome: Total War, at least from the fans of Creative Assembly who have been playing the series that long. Sure some people love Medieval II: Total War just as much, but mainly people have been hoping for a return to something more melee based for the next entry in the Total War series. and Rock Paper Shotgun are hosting their new indie games show Rezzed on July 6th and 7th over in the UK and Creative Assembly has decided to use that show to tease their next entry in the Total War series. Rezzed is going to be having many developers in attendance and a large number of upcoming games, with demos, revealing new content. Read all about that Rezzed here, but let me get back to the next Total War game.

Creative Assembly has been around for twenty years now and they are going to use Rezzed to do a "25 Years Of The Creative Assembly" presentation and part of that presentation will be about their plans for their next game. Normally I would say who cares, it's the 23rd of June not July 6th, but a certain image was taken from the next issue of PC PowerPlay Magazine today that got me and hundreds of other people quite excited. That issue isn't going to be out until July 18th, long after the announcement, but it's going to be also revealing the next Total War game. Enough beating around the bush, behold.

Is that Rome: Total War I spot? Hell yes it is. Sure, this isn't confirmed in anyway, but if this isn't some fake image then the next Total War game is going to be Rome Total War 2. We will all know for sure on July 6th when Creative Assembly does their presentation, which is at 1 pm in the UK. I really hope this is true, especially if they can remake the game bigger, better and more glorious than before. Check out the RPS article for more on the CA presentation on Rezzed. There is also quite a bit of discussion going on about it over at Reddit. Thanks for reading. 

-Written by Sean Cargle


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