Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One more helping of Dungeons of Dredmor

Opinions of this rogue-like RPG are quite mixed, but no one can say that the developers at Gaslamp Games have done anything other than supporting the game post-release. Back in November of 2011 they announced the first expansion for the game and released it in December. Then they released a free DLC last month that added the Steam Workshop, the excellent modding community/tool, new skills, new monsters and new dungeons. On top of both of those fairly recent chunks of new content for this small indie game there is now another expansion on the way. This one is called Conquest of the Wizardlands. In the words of Nicholas Vining at Gaslamp Games this expansion is going to come out, "Pretty Darned Quick." and it will contain a substantial amount of content for the low price of $2.99. Read on for a list of some of the new features.

SO, new features. A new encrusting system for upgrading weapons and armor, new enemies, the wizardlands, drunkness, two new weapon types, minibosses, fixes and quite a bit more. Here is the first screenshot of the new content.

My first "list of the features" isn't enough, so here it is in full, plus the other three screenshots for the expansion.

  • Explore the Wizardlands! Trade Wizarding Graffiti with your friends and enemies alike to gain access to the fractured extra-dimensional domains of the Wizards using an innovative retro-inspired magic password system.
  • Harness the expanded storage space of your very own Pocket Dimension where interdimensional gnomesprobably won’t steal all your crafting-junk.
  • Encrust your Equipment with our powerful new Encrusting System! Upgrade weapons and armour with powerful crusts, offering special abilities and horrifying instability effects as crust is encrusted upon crust!
  • Tackle new foes from the terrifyingly fun Baron Samedi to the small and annoying Cloud Gremlins who shoot small and annoying lightning bolts at you! Beware the Monstrous Rutabaga, scourge of the Vikings, who will run you down at unexpected speed with the monstrous dash ability.
  • Drunkenness!
  • New trophy screens, including a rewrite of the achievement system for off-line play (and people not using Steam)
  • Two new weapon types: Daggers and Polearms! (No really, they’re not Swords and Staves anymore!)
  • A whole WHACK of new Skills: Daggers, Polearms, Bankster, Communist, Paranormal Investigator, Magical Law, and more!
  • Minibosses!
  • A small, pleasant handful of usability fixes! (Which everyone with the core game will get for free, naturally.)
  • Enhanced sneakiness, monster sight cones, and alertness levels for more roguish gameplay! The only thing missing is a box you can carry around to hide in — unless you count an extra-dimensional box (see the first item in this list).
  • Diggle Hell. It’s a real place.

Now for the other three screenshots. This first one is a bit of mystery to me, but I haven't played the game the game in a while and I've yet to try out the most recent DLC. See if you can spot the changes. 

That is all for now, but if you would like to check out the announcement head on over to Gaslamp Games.

Now I am going to go play this game some more, because I really enjoy it's vast crafting system, massive amount of items to find, random level design, crazy bosses and diggles. I also need to do some more exploring and get murdered a couple more times. Thanks for checking it out, be back with some more tonight. 

-Written by Sean Cargle


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