Thursday, June 21, 2012

Orcs Must Die! 2 Coming this July

Back in April we revealed Orcs Must Die! 2 and talked about the new features that the sequel is bringing to the already great action/tower defense game. Since then they have added more info and very recently they have added the release date of July 30th, next month. The game is going to be like the first one, in which you go through levels as a War Mage setting traps, fighting orcs, collecting coins and defending the portals, but now you can be accompanied by a friend. Your friend will play an ex-war mage sorceress who is quite powerful and will have more magic based abilities than the original hero. On top of that there will be of course a whole new campaign, a plethora of new killing machines to dispatch your enemies with, a new upgrade system, new enemy types and more.

This will all be coming out for PC once again, maybe XBLA too (since the first game was for that as well), and Robot Entertainment has revealed that if you own the first game you will get some bonuses/exclusive content in Orcs Must Die! 2. They haven't revealed a lot of the game yet, but they let Joystiq do an exclusive article on the game and showed off the new spellbook. The spellbook is not divided into five sections: traps, my gear, weapons, trinkets and vanity. Traps and weapons will show many skulls, the upgrade points you use, you have put into either type and will let you upgrade them, while trinkets has to do with purchase-able buffs that permanently affect your character across all levels. Vanity is just outfits and such, which there weren't any of in the first game, but none of the outfits will be nothing more than just costumes.

Pretty much everything in the game uses skulls now as a currency, which Joystiq points out it may worry fans of the original since there was only 290 skulls in the first game. In the sequel skulls can be earned not just from your performance for a level, but also from milestones and random drops. Read more about the new spellbook over on Joystiq's article.

That's it for now, but expect to see more on Orcs Must Die! 2 as it nears release. If you want to check out more head on over to The Orc Must Die! 2 page at Robot Entertainment or invade their forums for some discussion and news. If you want to check out our review of the first game head on over here. Thanks for reading and I can't wait to jump into Orcs Must Die! 2 at the end of July.

-Written by Sean Cargle

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