Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Planetside 2 E3 Presentation and Demo

It has been 8 years since the last Planetside game and Sony Online Entertainment looks to revamp the game with Planetside 2.  The game is a FPS MMO set in a futuristic world with three factions battling over resources, Terran Republic, the heavy military group seeking control over the planet, the New Conglomerate, a scrappy group of rebel soldiers seeking freedom from the Terran, and the Vanu Sovereignty, an alien technology faction seeking resources for advanced weapons.  Though the original Planetside had innovative features for its time, Planetside 2 looks to add modern FPS elements while keeping the original gameplay.

One of the new features include an expansive squad and outfit system which helps players find squads and coordinate to capture objectives.  Outfits act as guilds where large groups of players can all get together and join battles with each other.  There is also a voice function which allows you to communicate to your outfit in the game, you can also use the voice function when your outside the game and browsing the stats page or even on your smart phone.

Planetside 2 also features a free form class system where players can unlock new roles of combat through experience and switch through them at will.  There are six character roles and have an expansive amount of equipment, abilities and armor to unlock.  One of the things they really pushed is how much you can customize on each character, everything from their guns to their armor.

The original Planetside lacked a sense of urgency when it came to capturing and holding parts of the map.  Planetside 2 features an expansive map with strategic resources used to give your army the upper hand in battle.  Resources are used to give bonuses to all players of that faction such as ammo bonuses, fuel bonuses, tech bonuses and more.

Overall I was very impressed with the demo I got to play.  Although when using aircraft it was a little difficult to control, I felt that classes and vehicles were well balanced.  The new graphics engine, Forge Light, was very impressive and was able to handle large scale combat with smooth frame rate and low latency.  for more info and to sign up for the beta check out the Planetside 2 website.

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