Monday, June 4, 2012

Quantic Dream's Beyond Two Souls

I've been waiting to see something new from Quantic Dreams ever since I got hooked in the spectacular, albeit flawed, Heavy Rain. Today they showed off one of their new games, apparently they have tow in the works and they are both Playstation 3 exclusives, and it is all about a woman with some kind of powers. The trailer for it is all in-game, but it doesn't show any actual gameplay as far as I can tell and it really doesn't reveal why people are hunting this woman, who is the main character that you play. You may notice her voice though, since she is being voice acted by Ellen Page, whom you may know from the movie Inception or Juno. I hope we get to hear more about Beyond Two Souls at E3 and whatever else Quantic Dreams is working on, for now take a gander at this first trailer.


-Written by Sean Cargle


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