Friday, June 29, 2012

Rainbow Moon Developer Diaries

Rainbow Moon is coming out on July 10th for the Playstation Network, PS3, and it deserves some consideration. Sure I haven't played the game yet, but there are so very few turn based tactical RPG's, like the Disgaea series or Final Fantasy Tactics, on any platform other than Nintendo 3DS or PSP. Rainbow Moon is especially worthy of interest because of the massive amount of content in the game, multiple difficulties, slightly complex combat system, open world and its low price point of $15. A couple of days ago Sidequest Studios released two videos with developer commentary of Rainbow Moon, one that shows off some general aspects of the game like the story and world, while the other focuses on combat. Take a look at the first one, the introduction video.

Let me reiterate a few points from that first video. Rainbow Moon has a 40 hour long main story, plus sixty side quests, dungeons and more. Around 100 hours worth of content overall.  Huge open world with four main continents. You unlock a ship and explore the world with that. You can start the game on normal or hard, plus you may also choose from four different play styles. Play styles determine how you start the game, so you can start the game with some equipment, like a starter kit, or you may go the adventurer route and start with nothing, which has benefits later on. Now for a little bit on the next video, which is a little longer and focused on combat.

In the second video they show RPG turn based battles with formations of three characters, but your parties are made up of six characters. Enemies roam the world and you don't have to fight them. You can view each group of enemy and see exactly what level they are and how many units are in their group. Each character and enemy in the game has a bias towards magic or physical damage and you have to take that into consideration during combat, but you also need to think about the weapon affinity system. That system has six different weapon types: swords, bows, lances, axes, staves and slingshots. Each weapon is better against one other weapon type and you can do large amounts of extra damage if you play off your characters weapon affinity and bias. The combat system does have depth, but it looks pretty familiar for anyone who has ever played this type of game before. Check out the combat video. 

Between those two videos we get a pretty good look at this game and while it is isn't Skyrim or anything filled with innovation, it still is something that fans of old school turn based tactical rpgs should love. It is coming out on PSN only on July 10th in North America and South East Asia, and July 4th in Europe. It will be $15, but if you have Playstation Plus you can get Rainbow Moon for 20% off until two weeks after the launch. Thanks for checking it out and if you have any questions about the game let me know and I will do my best to bother the developers and get you some answers.
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-Written by Sean Cargle

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