Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Realistic Military Gameplay at its Best

While everyone has been dying over DayZ, me included, there are still many Armed Assault 2 (ARMA 2) gamers that still try to make the very best out of the original game. Sure the game has bugs, some weird animations, silly AI voices, tough controls and terrible optimization, but to hell if that doesn't stop talented people from making it into the best damn military simulator out there. Shack Tactical recently put up a video of June 14th's pFNG Session, in which 93 players got together to work together as a tactical unit in order to cooperatively complete a bunch of objectives against AI. They have the group broken into squads and they all seemed to be linked to a commander, similar to Project Reality if you've played that, and the whole operation is fantastic.

Generic ARMA 2 Screenshot

This session was recorded and edited into something attractive and cinematic, even with the old ARMA 2 engine in the background. At the the very least I'm very impressed that this server was able to take 93 players without lagging or having problems of some kind, but this kind of thing inspires me to go out there and find groups like this to play with. The video is twenty-five minutes long, but it has some great moments in it and the whole thing is damn inspiring, at least inspiring if you like tactical games and working together with others. I hope ARMA 3 continues to support this kind of gameplay and makes it easier to achieve. Without anymore delay here is the video and I hope you enjoy it, thanks for checking it out.


-Written by Sean Cargle


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