Monday, June 4, 2012

Resident Evil 6 First Gameplay E3 2012

When Capcom announced Resident Evil 6 back in January they did a good job of making Resident Evil sound less and less like a survival horror game. In all honesty though the series has strayed away from it's original genre since Resident Evil 4, so it's not surprise that this first gameplay of Resident Evil 6 is full of action, explosions and cinematics. There are plenty of zombies in the video, thank god, but they are treated as trivial enemies that are only a slight annoyance. Later this month anyone who owns Dragon Dogma will be able to play a demo of Resident Evil 6 and I'm sure it will eventually be released to the public. For now all we have to judge the game by is this five minute gameplay segment from Microsoft E3 conference that took place earlier today. Right now there is a EA conference going on and I'm sure we will be posting a bit on some of their games later today. Enough from me, check out the video.


-Written by Sean Cargle


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