Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Riders of Rohan

I don't believe I've ever talked about my experience with Lord of the Rings Online, but let's just say it was mostly pleasant and it is one of the better MMORPG's that I've played in the last six years. Soon after I stopped playing it, mainly because I hate paying that monthly subscription of $15, Lord of the Rings Online went free to play and it was one of the first big time MMO's to do so successfully. This MMO doens't do a whole lot differently than most of the other MMO's out there, but everything it does do it does really well and it has some fantastic recreated locations of Middle Earth. It's one of the few Lord of the Rings that has actually made me feel that theme. The game originally started with a big chunk of Middle of Earth, but there is still a lot that people have been really excited to see, like Rohan.

The first big expansion for LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) was called Mines of Moria and it added that much wanted Dwarven ruins filled with goblins and giant tentacle monsters. It also added persistent legendary weapons to the game that leveled up with you, which I loved at the time and it was one of the things that kept me playing in that end game area. Since then they have added little areas every so often, but most recently they have added a sizable mini-expansion for Isengard, which added that area, a big new stronghold to conquer, the war based skirmish system and more. So they started with the Misty Mountains and have kept moving south since then. It would only make sense that Rohan would be the next expansion and after years of players claiming for glorious mounted combat, since horses are already in the game, Turbine Entertainment and WB Games announced the Riders of Rohan expansion back in February. Most recently they have added some videos of Rohan and revealed some of the details about the upcoming expansion, but before I go into any details take a look the first trailer for Riders of Rohan.

The mounted combat is finally coming and so is the whole of Rohan. The expansion is twice as large as the previous Isenguard update and it will also be adding the forests of Fangorn where the treants resides. The Rohan landscape is twice as large as the Mines of Moria and it is mainly in eastern Rohan near Eastwall. Find out more about the new areas here. This area will also have hundreds of new quests, new lore, new skirmish maps and units, plus the level cap is going to be raised to level 85. There looks to be many war steeds that you can use and customize for battle. You will be able to group up with others and do strategic maneuvers as a group of riders. This will be quite important when it comes to fighting the many roving warbands of warg riders and mounted orcs. They haven't got into much detail about everything, other than the new areas, but the whole expansion isn't due until September 5th, 2012. Take a look this newly released landscape trailer.

Sure Lord of the Rings Online is an old MMO with a pretty dated graphics system, but with Rohan they are trying their best to optimize it and make the world as gorgeous as they can. This expansion isn't free and has various different options of purchase. You can go for the base edition for $39.99, the heroic edition for $49.99 or the legendary edition for $69.99. Each version gets you different items, mounts, turbine points, various cosmetic's. The best deal seems to be the heroic edition, which gets you access to the Evendim, Moria and Lothlorien quest packs, which are normally purchase-able optional quests/areas. Check the pricing options out here. We'll see how worthwhile this expansion is, but if they do mounted combat well at all then that will be a step up on every other fantasy based MMO out there. Thanks for checking this out and once the expansion gets closer to release I'll do another post.

If you want to play Lord of the Rings Online now you may do so for free and a large portion of the game is available without spending any money, all the way up to Moria I believe. If you love Lord of the Rings and want to enjoy that world then this MMO will certainly scratch that itch.
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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