Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Source Filmmaker and the Pyro

Today Valve finally released the Meet the Pyro movie for Team Fortress 2. It is pretty short, one of the shortest of all of the movies, and it is probably my least favorite, but at least it came with other announcements. The Source Filmmaker is what Valve used to create all of their videos and they have opened up a beta for it today and now anyone can try their hand at creating their own movies or using the Filmmaker for other purposes, like posters or wallpapers.

The beta version of the Source Filmmaker will be coming with the Meet the Heavy movie, so you can mess with that as much as you like and try to create your own version. You use the in-game world of Team Fortress 2 and turn that into your own production. It doesn't look all that easy, but I bet some great movies are going to be made out of this. Hopefully in the future they will add other Source games to this so people can make similar videos with Left 4 Dead or DOTA 2, or anything that uses the Source Engine. Watch the introductory video to the Source Filmmaker below and if you want to join in the beta head on over to Source Filmmaker website and hit sign up in the top right corner. They will be updating that website with new tutorials and info in the future. Thanks for checking it out.
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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