Thursday, June 7, 2012

Video Game History Museum at E3

One of the little treasures at E3 this year was the Video Game Museum, displaying all the old school games and memorabilia.  They had classic consoles and vintage arcade games for people to play and also displayed a lot of classic gaming accessories.  Being in my mid 20's I never owned a console older than the original Nintendo, so for me it was really fun for me to pick up the Odyssey, Atari and the Commodore 64.

They also had an entire wall filled with vintage arcade games provided by Vintage Arcade Superstore.  There was everything form Missile Command to later arcade games that came out in the 90's.  When I was younger, arcades were still a gathering place for kids and adults to hang out and play games.  Now with high tech home console games and computers, arcades have become obsolete.

It was really great to see this booth setup and play many of the classic games and consoles.  They even had a 70's living room setup with an Atari.  I hope that they will keep adding on to the collection and keep coming back each year.  If you are attending E3 I would suggest stopping by and taking a trip back in time.


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