Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare News

Do you remember PAX East in April? Well that was the last time we heard from Torn Banner Studios about Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. I was honestly getting a bit worried that something bad had happened during development, but yesterday they put up a lovely new video and made me once again excited for this first person medieval hack fest. It is one of the few games out there that is really trying to tackle medieval combat in an intelligent way with their stamina based system that requires players to know their weapon and how to use it effectively, especially when it comes to blocking and stamina. The game also has real objectives that sound absolutely splendid, like knocking down the front door of a castle with a battering ram. They are trying to do this all with a multiplayer focus and if they can pull it off then it will be a very unique game. To take a look at all of our previous coverage of Chivalry, head to to this post.

The new video for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a developer blog and it shows off a bit of new content, plus  it has one of the developers explaining how they are tackling combat. Last time we saw gameplay the melee combat didn't have very good hit detection, flow or animations, but this new video shows a good deal of improvement with all three of those. Along with this video is the announcement that they are nearing the end of development and they are starting to market the game as much as they can. If you want to talk to the developers or other fans head on over to the Chivalry Forums. Without further ado here is the video and thanks for checking it out. As Chivalry nears release I hope we get to see a lot more about it.
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