Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Coma: A Mind Adventure

First person puzzle games are pretty rare and I haven't seen one this gorgeous since Myst, but this one has interesting gameplay mechanics and gorgeous environments. In Coma you are controlling someone that has been in a car accident and is in a deep coma. Everything in this PC/Mac game is part of that and your character must come to accept something in his subconscious in order to escape the coma. To do this you have to go through many different environments and solve puzzles using the climate and weather. All you will be able to do as the player is change the weather and climate, but every environment reacts differently to those changes. There will also be more challenging puzzles that involve entities, like using the weather or climate to defeat a colossus. There will also be a narration going through the game, similar to Dear Esther, but it won't be helping you with puzzles or anything. Check out this new trailer for the game and see how it looks.

Coma is being made by the people who made the very popular Left 4 Dead 2 campaign Warcelona. I don't know that mod or this team and most people probably don't either, but at least they have created something before and have some experience. The story they are trying to make with Coma is mature and meaningful, once again, very much like Dear Esther or even Journey. They are currently running a Indiegogo Kickstarter for the game and there is only six days left on it. They are trying to reach the small sum of $7,400, but they still have about $5,000 to go. Most people hate Indiegogo because it is much less structured than Kickstarter, plus the no matter how much the project earns they still get the money, but Coma is an interesting game and their Indiegogo page is really well done, unlike most I've seen on there. They aren't planning to release the game for at least a year, but on their page you can donate $15 and get in on their upcoming demo on July 16th. Thanks for checking it out and I hope you give it a chance. 
Indiegogo Page: http://www3.indiegogo.com/Coma?c=home

They also have two other videos: A tutorial and a gameplay video. 

-Written by Sean Cargle


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