Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The last time Fornite surfaced was at the 2011 Video Game Awards in December and all we had then was a trailer. Over the last seven months Epic Games has kept a tight lid on Fornite and has revealed nothing about it. The first trailer for the game was cinematic and only revealed that it is a zombie game, of sorts, and involves survivors building a fort. The survivors scavenge by day to find materials and defend at night. Other than those two tid bits of basic information we have had nothing on Fornite, until last week, when Epic Games revealed a little bit more, but mostly just the first in-game screenshots. If you didn't see the trailer for Fornite you might expect this to be another dark and bloody title by Epic Games, but it certainly is a much lighter take. Check out the first screenshot.

Despite the lack of new written information on Fornite, there has been a bit revealed through Comic Con and the Epic Games Podcast. One of the first things revealed about Fornite is that it will be using the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). A big surprise is that Fornite is going to be PC exclusive, even though most initially thought it would be a console exclusive, like Epic Games most recent games. They were originally planning Fornite to be a game that would be quickly developed and put out into the market, mainly just to see how people how received the idea of the game, but Epic Games liked the idea so much that it has become a more substantial title. The world of Fornite is supposed to a sandbox style open world, where you have your hub (presumably your fort), and there will be unique items all over the city to scavenge, which will you bring back to your fort in order to improve it.

You will be able to play Fornite solo, but it is mostly designed to be played cooperatively. Each time you play a new game the world will be different. The world is always going to be dangerous and filled with enemies, but at night it will be immensely dangerous. The players will have to plan their buildings strategically in order to deal with specific types of enemies, like trolls who don't do much other than open doors for enemies. When you are building structures you can open your blueprints and look at how that building will look, which will start at the most basic level (weak wood). You can essentially get buildings ready before you actually place them and then decide where you want to strategically place them. Once you place structures you will be able to upgrade them in various ways. 

The way you build sounds pretty open, meaning you can create dynamic structures, like a temple looking fort. The landscape in fornight won't just be cityscape, there will also be lakes, playgrounds and a lot of different places that may require different strategies, especially if you want to build on them. I wish there was more to say about Fornite, but I just can't find anything else. Fornite is coming out sometime in 2013, hopefully early 2013, and I'm sure we will be seeing a lot more about it soon. If you would like to hear about the game, there is the Epic Games Podcast, twelve minutes long, and it is where I got most of the information I just regurgitated to you all. Also, check out the links below for more info as well. 
Main Website: http://fortnitegame.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/FortniteGame

Here are the rest of the screenshots and thanks for checking out Fornite. I know zombie games are everywhere these days, but no one has made a zombie game similar to Fortnite, at least not yet. Hopefully it turns out to be absolutely splendid. 

-Written by Sean Cargle


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