Monday, July 16, 2012

Prison Architect At Rezzed

Introversions's Prison Architect was announced last November for PC and since then there has been very little new information about the game, until now. At Rezzed, the indie game show in England last week, Introversion had a very long presentation and they talked about their previous projects before Prison Architect and why they were put aside in order to work on Prison Architect. They also explained how much of the technology they have developed over the years has been utilized in Prison Architect. The game they want to make is one that lets you build and manage a prison in interesting and enjoyable ways. Sure you are managing a prison and not a theme park, so it may not sound all that exciting, but Prison Architect is looking to be the first game in a long time to tackle the management simulation genre in exciting new ways. Take a look at the first trailer for Prison Architect from last November.

At Rezzed they had a playable version of Prison Architect on the show floor and many people got to try the first two levels, plus they had access to a sandbox mode. No one was allowed to show any of that so don't expect to see videos of the game floating around Youtube, but the lengthy presentation does have a chunk of it devoted to Prison Architect. Interestingly enough the game was inspired by a visit to Alcatraz, the once upon a time island prison in San Fransisco, California. Now that the game has been shown to the public I am hoping that they will start showing off more and updating us all on the game far more often than never. The main website for Prison Architect is the same as it was when the game was announced, so not much news there, but you can follow the sparsely updated Introversion blog. 

One of the most important things to take note of in the Introversion presentation at Rezzed is that there will be a paid alpha for Prison Architect coming sometime in 2012. There is still a lot of 2012 left, but I am excited that they seem to be planning on doing a Minecraft model of pre-order where gamers can get their hands on the game early and influence the direction of the game. Although, I'm not too sure how much PC gamers actually influenced the direction of Minecraft, especially since people were asking for monster villages since the game was in Alpha and that never came out, but adventurer mode is finally on the horizon. Take a look at the Introversion presentation and the whole video is quite good, funny and interesting, but if you only want to see the part about Prison Architect then jump on over to about 28 minutes in to start seeing some gameplay of the current version of the game. Thanks for checking it out and you can count on me doing more updates on anything related to Prison Architect.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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