Friday, August 31, 2012

Away I Go

Hey everyone, I haven't been putting up much here in the last couple of days and that is because I've been settling in over at Beefjack, who recently hired me to do mostly the same kind of videogame related writing that I was doing here, except this time around there are editors and all of kinds of professionals around me. I've only written a few posts over there so far, but I'm going to be more involved in the coming weeks and that means I will be posting less and less here. From time to time I may post some gameplay videos here, like today I'm going to try to get up a Planetside 2 gameplay video since the NDA was just lifted, but I won't be able to get in many posts and I can't write anything here that might conflict with something I am writing at Beefjack. Thanks everyone who ever visited Violent Gamer from time to time and supported us over the last two years.

We started an ant sized website that got a thousand views a month and we have grown into something more substantial that has received thirty to forty thousand views a month. It is still small in the eyes of the internet, but it still felt like a huge accomplishment and a huge thanks to anyone who ever read one of our posts or watched one our videos. I hate to be stepping away from it all, but I am excited at the same time to work for something much bigger and be part of a more professional atmosphere. On a last note we are about to hit 300,000 total views, which is a huge milestone for us, and I would like to one last contest, but I haven't decided what exactly yet and I will work up something by next week. Once again, thank you everyone and if you still care to read my work head on over to my new workplace ever so often, but Adam and others may continue to post here if they can.

-Sean Cargle


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