Thursday, August 9, 2012 Hacked Again

It may or may not be serious, but Blizzard did a post today saying that they have indeed been hacked and much of your information might be in jeopardy. Blizzard claims that your credit card information and personal information should be safe, but they have admitted that email addresses have likely been compromised. Furthermore, if you live in North America your personal security question and mobile/dial-in authenticator information are also compromised. If you've read this far you probably want to go change your password immediately, but Blizzard doesn't believe anyone's passwords have been stolen nor do they believe that information stolen is enough to get access to your account. They are going to be emailing people over the next couple of days to let you know what you should be changing, like authenticator passwords and security questions. The funny thing about this is the authenticator passwords were stolen and the authenticator is something that is supposed to make your account even more secure, not more vulnerable. We will see how far this goes over the next couple of days, but read the official post by Blizzard yourself to see all of the information and to easily reset your password, which would be a good idea. Fun times everyone, fun times.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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