Monday, August 6, 2012

Black Mesa Source Gameplay

It is new, it is unofficial and it is interesting. Valvetime, a website/forum for everything Valve related, had gameplay submitted to them for Black Mesa Source by an anonymous user. They claim the footage is legitimate and it certainly looks to be legitimate, but it is also supposed to somewhat old footage. Black Mesa Source is a Half Life 1 remake that has been in development for years. If you played Half Life one then you will likely recognize the part of the game they are trying to redo here. There are some new changes, like sprinting, that are bothering plenty of hardcore half life fans, but I still think it looks like a lot of fun and it should be a wonderful nostalgia filled trip back through the world of Black Mesa. Since the interview with Rock Paper Shotgun, the developers have been slowly revealing more and more about the game. I hope that this is another intentional release by them and they are continuing to ramp people up for an eventual release, unlike the last time they hyped up the community and disappeared. On a random note, I've been out of town again and should be back to posting quite a lot more by Wednesday of this week. Thanks for reading and check out the video.
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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