Thursday, August 16, 2012

One More Look at Cube World

The last time I wrote of the voxel-based exploration RPG Cube World Wollay, the original developer (there are two now), had just shown off architecture for building houses, jungles and caves. Check that out here, but it has been half a year since then and Cube World has progressed quite a bit. Since it has been so long here is a short overview of what makes Cube World intriguing. Simply it is a mix between Minecraft and Zelda. The world is huge and procedurally generated with different biomes like jungles, valleys, deserts, like Minecraft, but there isn't any mining. This game is instead focused on the rpg elements and adventuring. You level up, craft weapons and armor, build your own house, explore, take on quests and do it all alone or with friends. There are also pets you can find in the world, like adorable little slimes, and massive enemies like yetis or cyclops. It does haven't have a release date yet and it is currently only being developed for PC, but he would like do a Mac release as well. Unlike many indie games there isn't a pre-order option nor is there anyway to get immediate access. Now onto recent news.

Wollay doesn't update the Cube World blog all that often and the last update was from July, but in it he explained what is currently going on with the game instead of just introducing a new feature or progress like normal. First off, he has addressed the questions about release and it seems Cube World is nearing a release of some kind. Before the release they still want to add more content, menu's, character creation, an in-game server browser and save slots. That definitely means that we won't be seeing Cube World released in the next month or two, but hopefully we will be seeing it before 2012 ends. With all of this information they also did an update on multiplayer and showed three person multiplayer for the first time. Here is a few of my favorite screenshots from that update, but head on to the bottom to find more information on everything related to Cube World.

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