Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Review/Rant

Counter-Strike is one of the most beloved PC games of all time. That is not to say it is without its flaws. And let's be honest, most of us "believe" that CS:GO was produced to remedy those issues.  We all hoped we would receive a more balanced and enjoyable gaming experience. Sadly, I personally feel like GO is quite simply CS: 1.6 with new graphics - and made only to be thrown to the console crowd. I have never known Valve to conform to industry standard, but with some of the changes made in CS:GO, it feels as though their desire to assimilate conflicted with any desire to produce a real NEW game.

There are 8 new maps combined with the 8 classic maps, along with new equipment like Decoy and Incendiary Grenades. We have also been given about 8 new weapons, such as the Sawed-Off Shotgun and the Tec-9. Huge changes have been made to the guns accuracy and rate of fire, but the main complaint I have is the recoil. I am not sure if the recoil is actually broken or if all that has changed is the feedback, but if you have played CS:S for a long time, you will know exactly what I'm talking about. With all the changes to the weapons, it now feels like any gun can get the job done. Some will call that "balance" but I call it a tragedy  because it feels like you no longer need to know your weapons. You don't need to know how a gun works anymore because you can kill someone 20 feet away from you with a shotgun now. GG.

Hitboxes and player models have been modified. Below is a photo comparing the hitboxes from CS:S to CS:GO.

This I have no complaints about, it was an intelligent fix that should have been made in Source long ago. It adds a needed difficulty to the game, giving you longer life and more difficult targets to defeat. The player models look hideous, though. Terrorists are cute hipsters with  skinny jeans and hoodies! really? really. The buy menu is straight out of COD, the matchmaking system is totally unnecessary, and the community quick play option takes FOREVER. All worthless. OH, AND NO SPRAYS? AND WHERE ARE THE SILENCERS? 

Even with all of these complaints I still think CS:GO is worth playing. It is still Counter-Strike and it is still unlike any other FPS in terms of actual game play. Is it ever going to be my favorite game? No. Is it better than Source? That is debatable for some. (correct answer is NO) It is, however, a decent game with amazing replay-ability and an amazing community surrounding it. Thank god it is only $15. I had really high hopes for this game, but they were quickly crushed as it turned out to simply be a 1.6 console upgrade.  

Violent Score: 7 (Out of 10)

because I am a bitter source-hag

Written by Kittenhedd


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