Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's A Zombie Invasion!

So you like killing zombies eh? Well don't we all? And what a great time to be a zombie hunter! With a flurry of games featuring zombies being released and covering all genres like horror, action/adventure and survival, it gets a little overwhelming choosing which game is right for you. Well, that's why I am writing this article. I will be going over a few of the zombie games that have already been released or will be in the near future.

Day Z (PC)

This is a zombie mod that was made for ARMA II and can be downloaded for free if you own a copy of the game. It was released in April and quickly took the PC gaming community by storm. Day Z is a hardcore zombie survival game. Players pick servers to play in and start with nothing but the shirt on their back.  Players need to quickly scavenge for food and weapons and avoid being killed by zombies. Not only do you have to avoid zombies but you can never trust other players on the server.  Being such a huge success among gamers, The Day Z will soon be released as a standalone title. Day Z is a true survival game, if your looking for a new experience and don't mind losing all of your gear after being ganked by other survivors, give Day Z a shot. Click Here for more info.

Resident Evil 6 (Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii-U)

Resident Evil is synonymous with zombies, horror and bad movies. RE: 6 is looking to go back to its zombie roots with a familiar cast leading the story. Though Resident Evil games have become progressively mainstream and over the top action shooters, I am still hoping that it will combine both action and survival horror like RE: 4. Though its easy to get lost in the story and all of its sub plots and new viruses, Resident Evil has grown one of the most evil and recognizable corporations known in all of gaming, "The Umbrella Corporation." The demo will be available for download on Xbox Live and PSN on September 18th.

Zombie U (Wii-U)

Nintendo publishing a zombie game? Well it's true. As one of the launch titles for the upcoming Wii-U, Zombie-U is looking to appeal to a more adult audience.  Zombie U promotes survival and exploration and trying to get to places you probably shouldn't. The game looks to utilize to gamepad to see and interact with different objects you may not have seen by just looking at the TV, it can also be used to give you quick access to your backpack without having to navigate through pesky menus. Another unique feature is when you die, you come back as a different survivor. Zombie U's focus is survival, horror and exploration.

Fortnite (PC)

When you think of Epic Games, you think dark, bloody, gory and armed to the teeth, right?  So when Epic Games announces they are developing a zombie game, you think its going to be Gears of War but with zombies. WRONG!  When I saw the announcement trailer I was very surprised to see bright colors, cartoon like characters and an almost Team Fortress 2 style of graphics.  Though we don't know much about Fortnite, we do know that players will have to gather supplies and weapons during the day, and prepare for a zombie horde at night.  Though there has yet to be a release date, Fortnite is worth following.  Check out our original post Here for more info.

The War Z (PC)

Just a couple months ago Arktos Entertainment and Hammerpoint Interactive announced their new zombie survival MMO.  With no leveling or experience system, War Z looks to drop 250 players on one sever and have them survive a zombie apocalypse.  With players tired of paying a monthly subscription or using the "pay to win" model of free to play, War Z looks to bring in a new generation of MMOs.  The War Z promises a one time purchase of the game and no hidden fees or subscription charges.  Though they are hoping to launch the game this fall, it may take longer for the game to officially release.  Check here for our more in depth article Here.

State of Decay (PC, Xbox 360)

State of Decay takes a more movie like approach the the zombie survival genre.  Unlike The War Z and Day Z, State of Decay is not multiplayer. It is a single player, open world sandbox where the player looks for survivors, captures safe houses and runs missions to survive the zombie outbreak.  State of Decay is also more action oriented than the other games on the list.  Melee weapons will be able to hack limbs off and all combat is from a third person perspective.  The trailer itself almost looks like the video game version of Night Of The Living Dead.  For a more in depth look, click Here.

The Walking Dead (PC, Xbox 360, PS3, iPad)

From comic, to TV show, now to video games, The Walking Dead has made a big impact in pop culture.  With a bigger focus on human survival and interaction, The Walking Dead game features 5 episodes where making moral decisions and trusting other survivors plays a bigger role than fighting off the zombie horde. Though the episodes are short, Telltale games delivers some of the best story lines and character development ever made. For more information check out one of our posts Here.

Written By Adam Borchert


  1. Where's "Dead State?"
    A Fallout'ish top down RPG survival zombie apocolypse game should have made this list.

  2. I will add it in there as soon as I can

  3. I was hoping to see Project Zomboid. Glad to see Fortnite, I forgot all about it.

  4. Ideas for names for mash up zombie games:
    GTA: Dead City
    House of the Dead: Foreclosure
    Command and Conquer: Dead Alert