Monday, April 30, 2012

Blockade Runner Gearing up for Multiplayer

It's been about four months since I last wrote about Blockade Runner, the space craft building game inspired by Infiniminer and Minecraft, and a few days ago they put up footage of multiplayer being tested. The grand design of Blockade Runner is about far more than just building space ships, ZanMgt plans to eventually have a procedurally generated galaxy that will host some mighty fine multiplayer adventures, but the game is currently at a point where everything is focused on crafting space ships. Last time I wrote about the game they had just put symmetry into the game and a couple of other user-friendly features, check that out here, and it has gone quite some ways since then. The most recent updates have discussed character models and faces, plus their new swiss army knife tool that will help players with almost everything. They also seem to highlight different player designs every week, like this one.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Walking Dead: Episode 1 PC Review

Zombies, choices and drama, that's what The Walking Dead is all about. It puts that all into a point and click adventure, the kind of game Telltale Games is known for. The graphics are stylized and inspired by the original The Walking Dead comics. The combat is handled through quick time events, which many people hate, but they are handled tastefully and professionally. The Walking Dead game is a five episode series, the first part of which just came out last Tuesday on the 24th for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. A new episode will be released once every month following that initial release. The first episode costs $25 and lasts 2-3 hours, but when you purchase the first episode you are really purchasing all five episodes, so you are really purchasing 10-15 hours of gameplay. Episode 1 focuses greatly on choices, constantly notifying you when a character takes note of your actions and gives you plenty of options to piss people off, help them, save them or let them die. For now it is difficult to tell if your choices truly matter, but once the rest of the episodes come out we will see if your choices truly matter. Read on for a review of The Walking Dead: Episode 1 - A New Day.

When Scammers Turn to Kickstarter

Let's face it, it was bound to happen eventually and it probably already has unwittingly taken place before, but a Kickstarter Project was created purposely to scam gullible gamers. A newly uploaded Kickstarter project called Mythic: The Story of the Gods and Men was quickly found out by the brilliant people of the internet. Yesterday someone from SomethingAwful, a somewhat large internet community, posted a ton of evidence to Rock Paper Shotgun's forums and then it was spread from there. The forum post was originally about the success of Kickstarter and how it's becoming something huge, but this is an interesting example of what could go wrong, yet at the same time it's a project that was quickly figured out and destroyed. Mythic had a $80,000 goal and already had $4,000 in pledges, but now the project has been cancelled and the "developer" has deleted their profile. Read on for the info about how they figured out this Kickstarter was fake.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Portal 2 Creation Tools On The Way

Not too many people are talking about Portal 2 these days. It is generally agreed that it's a pretty great game, but there hasn't been all that much DLC or Mod support for the game. Sure plenty of people have made modifications for the game, some great ones, but they were never all in once or all at that easy to use. Today Valve put up the Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative. It is a new DLC that contains a user friendly puzzle-creator that will be integrated with the wonderful Steam Workshop. The puzzle maker will let you easily create your own test chambers, test your own test chambers and upload them to them Steam Workshop. More information can be found on the Portal 2 page below, but check out the video and if you have Portal 2 you better check this out when it releases on May 8th for PC and Mac.
Main Website:

*Added a video of the puzzle maker in action. 

-Written by Sean Cargle

Heroes & Generals Nears Beta

I like ambitious games, games that try to mix genre's and create something unique. Heroes & Generals certainly does that by mixing real time strategy and purely multiplayer FPS combat. It is fairly reminiscent of World War II Online, which I grew up playing and loving, but instead of giving you all of Europe to explore, much of which was empty, Heroes & Generals gives you specific battle locations all over Europe. It is vastly more limited than WWII Online in this regard, but it makes getting into a battle immediate and the maps are big enough to make it still feel large. The maps have to huge because not only is there infantry combat, but there are tanks and airplanes. All of which the players can control if the resources are available for them. Re-sources are controlled by the generals, those who move around the infantry platoon's, airplane squadrons, mechanized units and all of the strategy pieces that are reminiscent of a tactical strategy game. When the generals move these pieces to an enemy territory then a fight will start, which players can all see in a easy to use quick bar on the right side of the campaign map. Everyone can see the whole campaign map, which consists of England and the majority of Europe, but only the generals can manipulate resources and plan. When you start the game you start as an infantry and you choose a side, Allies or Axis, and then jump into a ongoing battle. Read on for so much more on the game, plus a new video.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Colonist's Tale Part 1

Over the next week I will be doing a couple of stories on the crafting MMO Salem. It is a game set in a fictional New England and it gives players an open world to explore, learn and create in. It is currently in closed beta, which I am lucky enough to be apart of, and rather rough, but it still has some really interesting ideas and exciting possibilities. It is a tough game, with fairly minimal graphics at the moment, and has some pretty harsh ideas, like if you get lost you have to abandon all of your items if you want to teleport back to town or if you trespass on someones property too long, without permission, you will die. The game is being produced by Paradox Interactive and developed by Seatribe for PC, Linux and Mac. This is my first hands on account of the game.

Battlefield 3: Donya Fortress

The Battlefield 3 Close Quarters comes out in June. It will be the second DLC pack for the game, the first of which was Back to Karkand, and this pack features four infantry focused maps. All of the new maps feature a high level of destructibility, similar to Back to Karkand, and they look to feature tight corridors with multiple levels. This DLC will probably cost $15, like Back to Karkand, and I honestly don't think it's worth it at all, but the only one of the upcoming BF3 DLC's that is interesting at all is the Armored Kill DLC in Fall. Close Quarters seems to be exemplify some of the least enjoyable aspects of BF3, but if you really have a hankering to get into some chaotic infantry chaos then Close Quarters should help with that. Regardless of my opinion on the matter, check out the newest trailer for Close Quarters, which is showing off the map Donya Fortress.


-Written by Sean Cargle

Sapience's Amazing Trailer

Ever single day I browse the modding community of MODDB for news and interesting posts/projects, but rarely is there anything too exciting going on over there other than small updates or discussions. Every once in a while there are some really exciting projects to watch and keep track of, like Freeworlds Tides of War, which I have written about many times here, but today I was shown a very exciting and promising modification for Crysis 2, a modification called Sapience. The mod is being made by Dark Craft Studios, a team of fifteen people, and they are creating a science fiction mod of the highest quality. Before I write anymore about Sapience take a look at the trailer they released today for the game, it is quite impressive.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dragon's Dogma Demo Impressions

Yesterday Capcom released the Dragon's Dogma demo on PS3 and Xbox 360. It is a fairly short demo, with one 15-20 minute section that takes you through part of the games prologue and another very short section that puts you into a countryside battle with an enormous Griffin. I've written about this game many times on Violent Gamer, we've also shared a ton of developer and gameplay videos, but now I have some impressions to share as a result of the demo. In short, Dragon's Dogma is an open world party based RPG that has a combat system derived from other action based Capcom games, or a little bit similar to Dark Souls, and a huge world to explore. It is does seem to have a hint of a fantasy theme, with Griffins, Dragons, Elves and a few other familiar aspects, but it's absolutely not a cheerful and bright game. The world of Dragon's Dogma is filled with unapologetic danger and when night comes rolling around you best have a torch. If you want to read thoroughly about what Dragon's Dogma is about then check out my overview, but for this post I will be discussing the demo and showing off some gameplay that I took from the entirety of one of the two levels.

STALKER 2 Is Gone, Vostok Games Formed

It seems that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 is officially gone, now that a great many of GSC Game World's developers have moved on over to a new company, Vostok Games. On their new website they confirm that Stalker 2 was basically shut down back in December of 2011. They are creating a new game, Survarium, a free2play MMO that is set in the near future in a world where a large scale environmental catastrophe has taken place. You may be thinking, damn it, another post-apocalyptic FPS? Well, yeah, but to be fair they've been doing that kind of game since the first Stalker back in 2002. Survarium looks to have the same feel of Stalker, with crazed animals all over the place, cities overrun by vegetation that are filled with unique areas and believable areas.

That is the only piece of concept art for the game so far, but I really don't know about the idea of making a Stalker-ish game into a F2P MMO. Although, I was just talking to someone the other day about how Stalker like game could possibly be the kind of FPS MMO that might be unique and interesting. I will be watching how this game develops and they are planning to release it in late 2013. Check out their two new pages below for more info. Thanks for reading.
Main Website:
Survarium Page:  (Hope you have Google Chrome for this one, it's in Russia.)

-Written by Sean Cargle

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Walking Dead Episode 1 Released

The first episode of this point and click adventure game was released today on XBLA, PSN and PC for $25. I recently wrote about the game when they first showed off some information, expressing my concerns for making a point and click adventure game in the zombie filled The Walking Dead universe. Feel free to check that out to see my reservations, but the article also has some videos on the game. To give a quick overview though, it is made by Telltale Games, the folks who recently made the atrocious Jurassic Park game, but they also made the much better Sam & Max and Back to the Future games. Read on for some gameplay and more info.

Crysis 3 Announcement Trailer

To be honest, I didn't buy Crysis 2, but I did play the beta for it and found it be moderately enjoyable. The game itself seemed good, but I heard about the technical horrors that faced many and how unsatisfying the campaign was. I was also put off that they downgraded multiplayer from the huge maps of Crysis Wars to these mall little arenas, but I digress, Crysis 3 is already on it's way and today they put out the first gameplay/official announcement trailer. You still play the game as Prophet and you are back in New York. They really are making special note of him having a bow now, which is odd, because in the snippets of gameplay they show it's all more explosive and familiar weapons. Details are pretty sparse on the game, specifically on what is actually different about it compared to Crysis 2, as of it right now it looks like a prettier version of that game, but they have told us the vague release date of 2013 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Now, check out the trailer.
Main Website:


-Written by Sean Cargle

April iPhone Review Round-Up

It is that time again for another iPhone Review Round-Up. Last month was an RPG month with Rune Raiders, Battleloot Adventure and Adventure Bar Story, while this month is a much more mixed group of genres. I have several months worth of iPhone reviews up so far, so if you feel like you never have anything decent to play on the iPhone check those out by searching our website. This time around I will be reviewing the strategy game Ravenmark, the newly released Sci-Fi RPG/Managment game Epic Astro Story and the WWII tower defense game iBomber Defense Pacific.

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Valley Without Wind Released

It was half a year ago when I last wrote about A Valley Without Wind, a very artistic platformer/shooter. Back then I was writing about my impressions of it from the open beta, I generally liked it back then, despite it's troublesome controls, steep learning curve and confusing gameplay. Even then it had a great deal of promise with it's huge randomly generated worlds and settlement system that had you build a futuristic city throughout the game. You can read about that more here, but it is a bit dated, although, from the looks of the release trailer and reviews it doesn't look like a ton has change, besides more content and finer tuning, since I played it then. A Valley Without Wind (AVWW) is made by Arcen Games, the folks who made the wonderful space RTS A.I. War. With AVWW they went in an entirely different direction with this open world 2D sidescroller. Your character in the game is customizable with spells and enchantments, which can change the way you move or jump. You start with a fairly empty settlement and throughout the game you can find other people, who you can rescue and recruit. Before I say anymore look at this launch trailer, the game just came out today PC/Mac and will be coming onto Steam eventually.

Batman: Arkham City GOTY Edition

In September Rocksteady Studios is going to release the Batman: Arkham City Game of The Year Edition and it contains the original game, all previous DLC's and plenty to entice those who haven't played the game before. Along with the GOTY Edtion there is a new DLC called Harley Quinn's Revenge, which let's you switch between Batman and Robin as you attempt to discover what plan has Harley has created in order to get revenge. Harley's DLC will consist of new environments and new enemies, but they haven't specified how long it is or how much it will cost by itself.

This is a pretty extensive GOTY Edition, adding a total of seven new maps, three new playable characters, twelve skins,  and three gameplay DLC's. I recently played through the game a couple of months ago and loved it, definitely a huge step up if you like the first game, Arkham Asylum. It already had a lot of content without all the DLC, now I cannot even imagine how long it would take to go through all of that. The GOTY Edition won't be coming out till September 7th and it should cost somewhere between $40-$60 (hopefully more towards $40, since you can easily buy the game and all the DLC for less than $60).Check out the announcement trailer below and if you want more info check out the facebook page.


-Written by Sean Cargle

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nekro Kickstarter

Kickstarter has been a place for gamers to fund interesting and unique projects, while also to revive old school classics like Shadowrun and Wasteland. Nekro falls into the first category, a game that is weird, intriguing and unique. This is a PC, Mac and Linux game that has you controlling an evil necromancer that moves throughout the world destroying villages and building an army.You also have a crafting system that is fairly complicated, but   is all about brewing things that you find throughout the world. Unlike many other Kickstarters this game is already in alpha with some actual screenshots and it has a great deal written out about gameplay. The project is inspired by some fantastic classics like Myth, Giants: Citizen Kabuto and Dungeon Keeper. Many people have reservations about Kickstarters like this because the developers are inexperienced, but with Nekro the developers at Darkforge are veterans from Blizzard, Sony, Microsoft and others. If you are interested I'm sure you have plenty of questions, so watch this Kickstarter video and see the game in action, plus plenty of descriptions and info.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Humble Botanicula Debut Bundle


Throughout the last year we have seen many Humble Bundles and Indie Royale Bundles, plus plenty of new ones, but rarely if ever do these bundles focus on a game that is releasing at the same time as the bundle. Botanicula is a point'n'click exploration game by Amanita Design, the folks who made the delightful Machinarium, and it was originally set to release sometime in April, but not as part of the Humble Bundle. The game has a gorgeous art style that heavily reminds me of games like Osmos or Eufloria. You move through each level in the game with your little group of beings and solve puzzles/problems in order to progress through the organism filled world. Botanicula is the main game of the bundle, but it also comes with Machinarium, Samorost 2, Kooky and Windosill (Kooky and Windosill are only available if you pay more than the average, currently $8.79). Take a look at the main attraction, Botanicula, below to see a good chunk of gameplay from piotrlysek. The Humble Bundle has eleven more days left on it, then we are likely to see another one within a month of that. Thanks for reading and check it all out below.
Humble Bundle Page:
Botanicula Website:

-Written by Sean Cargle

Friday, April 20, 2012

Warlock: Master of the Arcane

It's always amusing to come upon a game that you had no idea about and it is set to release in the very near future. Warlock: Master of the Arcane is a 4x fantasy based strategy game that is produced by Paradox Interactive and developed by Ino-Co Plus. If you see Paradox Interactive and think of games like Majesty 2 or Defenders of Ardania keep thinking about that universe, because Master of the Arcane is set in it. If you have played any Civilization game or any hex/tile based 4x strategy game like it then it will also help you understand this game. I am currently playing the beta version of the game, which is limited, but still has many options and a ton of content to explore. Read on for full impressions and a twelve minute gameplay video I put together.

Diablo III Open Beta Weekend

Diablo® III Open Beta Weekend

If your like me and you've never had the lucky of getting into the Diablo III beta you now have your chance. This weekend, starting on Friday the 20th at 12 noon PDT and ending on Monday the 23rd at 10 am PDT, you can jump into the Diablo III open beta. All you need to do is download the Diablo III client and have a account, then you are good to go. The open beta is a bit of a stress test and it will allow players to play all five classes up to level thirteen. Head on over to the Diablo III page to check out all the info and get downloading. Will put up some videos and impressions of the beta throughout the weekend.  For now, here is a gameplay video of the beta, by Synark123, to get you excited.
Beta Info:

-Written by Sean Cargle

Thursday, April 19, 2012

ARMA 3: Stratis Island

ARMA 3 has been stingy on releasing new information and gameplay. Back at the beginning of April they released a teaser video and an animation video, which I put together into a short post that showed off some older gameplay as well. The teaser was for Stratis Island, a new island that is massive in size, 19km (about 12 miles), and gorgeous. The island will home a major Nato base and it is supposed to fictionally situated in Greece. There are a couple of army bases on the island, a few small towns, an old radar facility and a massive airbase. There is no word on other island, or land masses, but this island is likely to only be an extra area on top of a massive island or landmass, like the previous games. Read on for a little bit more information and the video.

Total War Battles: Shogun Released

iPhone Screenshot 5
Another Total War game already?! Fall of The Samurai just came out, well don't worry it's not what you are thinking. This Total War game is for the iOS and it is a real time strategy game set in Medieval Japan. Never before has Creative Assembly released a game for the iOS before and it will be interesting to see if it will pay off for them. In Total War Battles you have resource gathering through placing specific buildings on the hex based map. Those buildings will allow you to purhcase new units or upgrades, while also giving you resources like iron, wood or gold.  The game is level based and you start out defending your home after your clan was betrayed by the Takeda. As you move through each level you unlock new buildings and units, building up your base and eventually striking out to destroy the enemy base. It has a lot of familiar RTS elements, except for the fact that your units cannot go move backwards once you deploy them. It has a 1vs1 multiplayer mode that is local only, with three different modes that allow you to play against a friend, although I'm not sure how you can possibly do that without something large, like an iPad. Take a look at the game in action then read on for a little bit more info. Video by touchgameplay.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

World of Warplanes Dev Diary

World of Warplanes is the second game by, the first of which is the widely popular free to play player versus player WWII tank game World of Tanks. Warplanes is going to be following the same type of model, WWII player versus player combat, except for the whole planes instead of tanks, otherwise they look to be very similar games. One big difference is the maps, World of Warplanes has better looking maps, larger maps and huge air spaces in which to engage in air battles of all kinds. They currently only have planes representing Germany, USA and Russia, but they will be eventually adding in Japanese and British warplanes. Each side currently has about thirty planes available, but they have a goal of creating one hundred planes per side. Combat at the moment doesn't look at the all exciting, but seeing as how I haven't played the game yet I cannot really say. If they can match the excitement of air combat in BF1942, or IL-2 Sturmovik, then I will be a happy camper. Take a look at the recently released dev diary, before I go into some information about the alpha.

The First SSX DLC Arriving Soon

The first SSX DLC will be popping up on May 1st. One part of it is a new mountain, Mt. Eddie, and the other part is classics character pack, all within this new classics theme. Mt. Eddie is a fairly large mountain, containing nine race and trick drops. It is a mountain full of ridiculousness, like fireworks, incredibly long grind rails, some giant drops and overly colorful environments. Check out the new trailer for the DLC and then check out the few details about it, like pricing. If you don't know SSX, for PS3 and Xbox 360, check out my PS3 review of SSX from March.

Dishonored Debut Trailer

Everywhere I go I see "Bethesda's New Game, Dishonored", but it's not Bethesda's game, well kind of, they are publishing it. Arkane Studios are the developers and Bethesda Softworks recently picked up the publishing rights. It is a first person sci-fi game that focuses on assassinations. The world is designed with choice in mind, in order to give each player many different options for every situation in the game. You can read about it a little more on my First Look article about Dishonored, for now take a look at their Debut Trailer, which unfortunately is all computer graphics, but still interesting. Will be back with more on Dishonored when it becomes a little more developed and we start seeing some good chunks of gameplay.

-Written by Sean Cargle

Monday, April 16, 2012

Legend of Grimrock Review

The last decent first person dungeon crawler I have known was Wizardry for the PS3 and in that there was 2d enemies within 3d environments, but even Wizardry was a stone throw away from the glory and excitement of the classic dungeon crawlers, like Might & Magic or Dungeon Master. Legend of the Grimrock has taken the genre to new heights, setting a new standard that should be followed by any who wish to follow in its successful footsteps. It integrates 3d fully and impressively, while also bringing back much of what fans of the genre clamored for, like hidden dungeons, secrets, unique items, custom characters and puzzles that often require you to think differently. I will say it right now, Legend of Grimrock is a splendid game and there is a lot to discover in it. Read my review as I dissect it and show you what makes it such a delightful experience, yet an experience that is held back from perfection by a few problems.

Dragon's Dogma Demo Out Next Week

Capcom announced today that the upcoming party based RPG Dragon's Dogma will be releasing a demo on PS3 and Xbox 360 next week. Specifically the demo will be showing up on the 24th for those in the US, while it will show up on the 25th for those in Europe. The full game will be coming out less than a month after on May 22nd in the US and May 25th in Europe. If you don't know the game then I refer you to my unintentionally lengthy Dragon's Dogma Overview that I wrote up back at the end of March. Read on for a little bit info on the game and information on the restrictions of the demo, plus a newly released video.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sniper Elite V2 Impressions

On Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 there is a demo available for Sniper Elite V2, it is a fairly short demo that takes you through only one level in the game, but it gives you a full idea of how the game handles and how the singleplayer campaign will work itself out. Rebellion Developments made the original Sniper Elite back in 2005, a game that I tried and didn't find to be appetizing, like many others as it earned decent reviews (60-80%), but with V2 they are looking to remake the game into something fantastic, something that casual players and hardcore gamers can each respectively enjoy. They seem to have made sniping fun again. I haven't played any sniper centric shooters in quite some time, nor I have ever played any that are based in WWII and I thought were well done, so take the forthcoming impressions as those coming from someone who is not normally a fan of this type of game. Read on for full impressions and some general information on the game, plus plenty of gameplay.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

FEZ XBLA Impressions

Phil Fish is one of those gaming industry guys that is always saying that everyone else's games suck, but then takes five years to complete his own masterpiece and with FEZ he was spewing nonsense. FEZ is a side scrolling puzzle platformer, but it is one that uses dimensions to it's advantage. You can rotate the view three times, each time showing a new perspective on whatever it is your standing on. It uses that mix of 2d and 3d perspectives to create complicated designs. The game also have a very pleasant atmospheric quality to it that is complemented by a sounds and music that are similar to Superbrothers Swords & Sorcery, except more light hearted. Polytron created a unique platformer here, a platformer that is a pleasure to play and quite inexpensive. Take a look at in action, some gameplay for Eurogamer, and see what my muddled explanations have failed to explain.

Friday, April 13, 2012

King Arthur's Gold's Ambitious Aspirations

Big things are coming for King Arthur's Gold, but probably not in the near future due to the ambitious nature of these ideas. If you've never played the game take a look at my last post about it, back when singleplayer was first released. To summarize it in a few sentences, King Arthur's Gold is a PC game all about medieval warfare, crafting, mining and all in a colorful 2d world. It is essentially a free game, but it has a pre-order model that lets you play more than the free players, although right now there isn't a whole ton of content specifically for those who have the paid version. Enough of that, onto the news.

Naval War Arctic Circle Demo and Release

A few days ago Naval War: Arctic Circle was released on PC on many digital distributors and retailers, shortly following that release a demo appeared on Steam. The demo is lofty, containing quite a bit of content: six tutorials, two missions from the campaign, a skirmish map and one multiplayer map. It is a real time strategy game that focuses on modern naval warfare and it reminded me a ton of the nuclear wargame Defcon, but without the nukes. If it's not obvious this is all naval based, so the main units you control are carriers, destroyers, submarines, frigates, air superiority aircraft, naval warfare aircraft and quite a few unique types of naval ships and aircraft, like anti-submarine helicopters or refueling planes. It is absolutely a tactics heavy game, the type of tactics game that rewards those who have a keen sense of each of their units capabilities. Before I go into my impressions, do take a look at this hilarious release trailer.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Star Command New Trailer

Rarely do I write about iOS games, except when they are released as part of my monthly iPhone review round-up, but Star Command has got me excited in a way that only a space ship management game can. It has the looks of an old SNES game, but with modern improvements and charm, while it has obvious Star Trek influences in terms of character design. If you are one who has been following Kickstarter the name may look familiar, seeing as to how it was on there back in October of 2011 and it was successfully funded. They claim that the game is influenced by some of my favorite games, like X-Com, Game Dev Story and The Sims, but they haven't yet shown off how the game actually plays. Although, today they released the first trailer ever for the game, which is quite well done if I may say so, but it is indeed a teaser and not one of gameplay. Check that out and then read on for a bit for some further explanation of why Star Command is a game to anticipate.

Warhammer Wrath of Heroes Open Beta

Bioware has created a competitive arena based multiplayer game that focuses on enjoyable and intense player versus player combat. I never thought I would be seeing a high fantasy pvp game based on Warhammer from Bioware, but hey, here we are. It is a free to play game based on the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning MMORPG. In Age of Reckoning there was quite a big focus on pvp, so they are attempting to take that pvp and make it's own unique experience.  Interestingly enough it is a three sided player versus player game, six versus six versus six. Matches are designed to be very hectic and last only about fifteen minutes. With the many different types of heroes available to play there should be a great deal of replayability. Check out this gameplay video to see how it plays.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The MMO Genre Has Hit Rock Bottom

If you happen to be as young as me, then you may remember the games that started it all, like Everquest, Ultima Online or Meridian 59. They were games that created and molded the genre, before Ultima Online no one had ever said the overly familiar acronym MMORPG, massively multiplayer online role playing game, but these games were among the first to popularize the idea and take the genre to new heights. They all had ideas of grandeur, of creating large worlds filled with players, worlds filled with content and worlds that gave players a plentiful amount of choices. Since then there has been many new MMORPG's, especially since the success of the nearly universally familiar World of Warcraft, and most MMORPG's to try to do a great deal of new things to further the genre, now that is no longer the case.

Lost Planet 3 Revealed

It's been two years since Lost Planet 2 came out, a third person shooter that had you fighting pirates, monsters (The Akrid) and giant mechs; Capcom has now revealed that, seemingly to everyone in the press world, that Lost Planet 3 is in development. There are already screenshots, a trailer and some features ready to be divulged. They have quite a bit to live up to after Lost Planet 2 was met with a great deal of criticism and caused the fanbase to lose a bit of hope for the series, especially since the first Lost Planet had so much promise.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Amazon Spring Game Downloads Sale has sales pretty often, but rarely are for they PC gaming and rarely for this many games. The Spring Sale started on April 5th and is running until April 15th, selling over 150 downloadable games at up to 75% off. There are some pretty good games in there and unsurprisingly some awful games, but you can get big name games like L.A. Noire for $5 or Warhammer 40k: Space Marine for $10. I have a splendid list of recommendations, but if you want to immediately go check it out I won't blame you, here it is.

Lone Survivor, An Exemplary Horror Game

Here we have this an adult psychological horror game that has a ton of depth and most importantly nails the tone, much like Amnesia: The Dark Descent did. The art style is not something you would expect to have the capacity to make you feel unease, but it uses that against you. You might expect it to be colorful and filled with friendly tones, instead it greets you with monsters, atrocities, bodies, darkness and pure horror. In this game you need to eat, sleep, hide from monsters and traverse an apartment building that has been devastated from the unknown disease that has brought humanity to its knees. Lone Survivor came out at the end of March and has made positive impressions all over the place, party due to it's free demo available over at Kongregate, which can be played in your browser. The game is about 6-8 hours long and you can play through with non-violence in mind or you can kill everything that moves. Check out this trailer, a trailer that does a terrible job showing how the game feels when you are actually playing it, but at least it shows it in action.

Dark Souls Coming to PC

No longer it is merely a rumor that Namco Bandai is porting Dark Souls to PC. PC Action, a German Gaming Magazine, has revealed that Dark Souls has been confirmed for PC. Likely this is due to the successful petition that Namco Bandai created to see if their was enough support from PC gamers, a petition that has garnered 92,000 signatures. Neogaf, the forum that continually gets news leaks on everything gaming related, were the ones that confirmed the PC Action had an article about the confirmed PC port. Normally you might just think this was a rumor, but this is the same group of people that first broke the news about Assassin's Creed 3 and they do have credibility. This is all very surprising news, but Namco Bandai is always one to take the chance to port games to new audiences.

The PC port of Dark Souls is going to be exactly like the console version, except there will be two new bosses, as seen here. There will also be gamepad support and it will be coming out in August. If you don't know the wonderfully difficult RPG Dark Souls then check out my impressions from last October. It is a dark game, but one of the best games of 2011. Will be interesting to see if the PC gaming community ignites the same way console gamers did when it was released. Thanks for reading, be back shortly with more.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Torchlight II Overview and Gameplay

Pets in Action 4
Torchlight was a gem of an Action RPG for PC. It came out of nowhere, it had a lot of options and a lot of character. The gameplay was rather tame and predictable, certainly taking many cues from the Diablo series, but combat in combination with the rest of the game's feature it made for an enjoyable experience at a low price. Torchlight II is on the way now, still being made by Runic Games and  looking to release after Diablo III in late May or early June. It still delivers a hell of a lot of character, a ton of customization and just about everything looks to be improved. Diablo III may be the big Action RPG coming out this year, certainly one of the most hyped and anticipated games that is likely to come in 2012, but Torchlight II may steal some of it's thunder with it's impressive list of features, similar yet unique play style and a price that is 1/3rd the price of Diablo III, if you cannot do math that is $20. Read on for a quick overview and  to see 17 minutes of new gameplay from PAX East.

The Promise of Final Fantasy XIII-3

There is an inherent promise made between video game creators and video game players: that if the players put in hours of gameplay, the creators will ultimately make it worthwhile by creating fun, challenging, rewarding experiences – and most importantly, a story that matters.  And one of the most important parts of any story is its resolution – how did the events of the story change the world of the story?  I truly enjoyed playing Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2.   They were fun, challenging, and rewarding to play.  XIII’s story was slow to start, but developed into a beautiful tale of friendship and determination.  XIII-2’s story was troubled to say the least, but its fantastically human characters more than made up for it.  However, Square Enix did not offer any resolution whatsoever to XIII-2’s (and XIII’s by proxy) story.  Square has responded by pointing players to multiple paradox endings and future DLC, but neither of these “solutions” will fix the main problem: the Final Fantasy XIII story has no end.  That is why we need Final Fantasy XIII-3.

SPOILER ALERT:  The following article discusses the endings of both Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2.  I will do my best to avoid specific details, but as some are unavoidable, if you are interested in discovering the story elements yourself, please do so before reading this article.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shoot Many Robots XBLA Review

Demiurge made Shoot Many Robots with co-op in mind and not a whole lot else. This is a twin stick shooter with many rpg elements, like leveling, loot and merchants. Unsurprisingly the game has you fighting an innumerate number of robots that come equipped with chainsaws, guns, rocket launchers and weapons of all kinds. The robots are also pretty varied in size, many times you will end up fighting large groups of small obnoxious chainsaw robots or you could end up fending off a robot dropship. This is a game that will be repulsive or attractive right from the start, it really all comes down to whether or not you are interested in co-op, because without that the game has very little draw. Shoot Many Robots came out for Xbox 360 in March, while it came out for PC yesterday on April 6th and it costs $10. Read on for a full review of the game.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition

The Witcher 2: Assassin's of Kings has been on it's way to Xbox 360 for quite a long time and that wait is finally about to end. This dark, exciting, challenging and gorgeous RPG will be coming out on Xbox 360 on April 17th. It is coming as an Enhanced Edition. The PC version has been out for almost a year and has received several large updates onto it, like a new tutorial system, a new arena, a new difficulty mode, new equipment and plenty of fixes, so all of that is naturally coming over to the Xbox 360 version, plus it will contain a new area, new equipment and new quests that have not existed on any version previously. I reviewed the PC version here and if you are a fan of RPG's you have absolutely no reason not to try the Witcher now that it's on console and PC. The PC version is often on sale and already down to a regular price of $40. CD Projekt Red is by far one of the best developers out of there, not only are they good at what they do, but they are also very focused on providing continuous customer support. They are one of the few companies that would unleash huge free updates and refuse to do any paid DLC. Enough of all that though, the main reason I am making yet another post about The Witcher 2 is to highlight it's newest videos.

IndieFort Bundle No 1

There has been a lot of bundles in the last month or two, it seems every month more and more websites are trying to get in on what the Humble Bundle has started. Gamersgate has now decided to launch their first bundle, the IndieFort Bundle No 1, and it is truly an Indie Bundle, something that certainly won't appeal to the vast majority of gamers, but it has some interesting games. I should note that every single one of these games, except for Cardinal Quest, is for PC only and standalone downloads (no Steam or Desura). All of these games aren't even released games, like Kenshi (which is an Alpha), and similar to other bundles that featured in development games you essentially get to play it just like those who have pre-ordered that specific game, meaning you will continue to receive updates on the game like normal.

The IndieFort Bundle does not have an average price, like IndieRoyale, instead it's a set price at $5.99 for all games and if you want to pay more you can, but there are incentives for paying more. The more people purchase the more is unlocked, the first unlock is an arcade game called Puckbang, the second is a soundtrack, the third is another soundtrack and the fourth is a secret and there are up to seven things that may be unlocked. It's an interesting strategy, the first unlock is already almost there, but the rest are pretty far off, although the Bundle just started today. There are six games in this bundle, which I will go over in a regular fashion of a quick overview and some gameplay. If you want to skip all that head on over to check out the Bundle directly.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic Review

After hours and hours clocked into playing Star Wars: The Old Republic I feel like it is time to finally give a review of this much anticipated MMO.  From the second you start making your character to ending your own personal saga, BioWare does a fantastic job immersing you into the Star Wars universe during the Old Republic time period.  The question is, can  BioWare successfully make the transition into the MMO market? the answer is yes, with a but.  While BioWare did a great job giving players a recognizable MMO platform to play with, there are some issues when it comes to end game content.

A Short Look At ARMA 3

ARMA 2 was a good game, it had a ton of problems with stability, bugs, A.I. and it's modding tools, but it often shed an impressive light on the War Simulation Genre of gaming. ARMA 3 looks to fix many of those problems and further increase the graphical prowess of the series. I've written about it once or twice before here, but it's still not that close to release and not a lot has been shown since Gamescom last year. Today they showed off a new video teaser that highlighted their new animations and gorgeous graphical engine. There are a few older gameplay videos around the web too, so I will throw in one of those after the animation video. First off, a quick overview for anyone who has absolutely no idea what game I'm talking about or why it's exciting.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Aliens: Colonial Marines SP & MP Gameplay

The last Alien's game, Alien vs Predator (2010) wasn't the game fans wanted. It did some things right, but for the most part left people wanting something like the original Alien vs Predator (1999) or at least something that delivered the atmosphere and tension that the movies created. Colonial Marines has nothing to do with Predators and is purely focusing on Marines versus Aliens. Gearbox Software showed off a highly linear and rigid gameplay demo back in September, something that worried many gamers, yet still showed a visually impressive engine and some exciting possibilities. Today they released some new videos, one to Jeuxvideo.Fr TV (a French gaming website) and the other very popular IGN. One shows off a good chunk of singleplayer gameplay, all of which hasn't been shown anywhere else as far as I am aware, and the other is a multiplayer preview that describes the basics of multiplayer and shows off multiplayer gameplay.

Out Today on PC: Confrontation

Cyanide Studios is barely known and what they are known mostly for, besides the moderately fun Blood Bowl, is the two Game of Thrones games, one RPG that has yet to be released and the terrible strategy game Game of Thrones: Genesis. Today, on PC, they released Confrontation, a largely unknown game that has had very little press and no official gameplay videos. It is a boardgame adaption and they made it into an action rpg that put's you in a high fantasy world of Aarklash where four factions are fighting it out in a brutal war. You take control of an elite squad from the Griffin faction, a customizable squad that you will grow throughout the campaign by completing side missions. Each character you find it supposed to be unique and you will have to balance them all to make up your squad. Besides the singleplayer campaign it will have a multiplayer mode that let's you control one of the four factions, but the big questions are how does everything control and how does gameplay work. I will attempt to answer that with the information that is available, first off take a look at this gameplay that SoftpediaGamesReview put up from a week ago, it's early gameplay, but a lot better than nothing.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

Can Lightning Strike Twice?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a wonderful, beautiful game.  It has an incredible amount of very strong elements from gameplay to graphics to the best battle system I have ever seen.  It is entirely different from its predecessor Final Fantasy XIII, for better and for worse.  And yet, while Final Fantasy XIII-2 has so many things going for it, the game is not woven together into a cohesive experience.  This keeps it from reaching its full potential of being the masterpiece it should be.  Despite this, however, XIII-2 does succeed in many ways simply because it has so much heart, and that is why it deserves a chance.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery Ports to PC

One of my favorite games for the iOS is Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery. It is full of music, magic, ghosts and splendidly simple pixel based graphics. It looked glorious yet small on the iPhone, impressive on the iPad and looks to be absolutely splendid on the PC and Mac. Capy, the developer, will be at PAX East next week and will have a playable version available for anyone who is attending. The PC/Mac version will be the same game as the original, except it will be adapting for mouse controls, I merely say this to make clear that there doesn't seem to be any new content in the game. It will be coming out on Steam and it will be coming on April 16th. Check out their new trailer. 

0X10C, A New Space Game by Notch

Yeah that is definitely a weird name and it is apparently derived from a computer error. On April 1st Notch joked that he was creating a space game and it would be called Mars Effect. I thought that was all a joke, entirely, but he was merely joking about the name, not the project.0X10C is a very ambitious space game that will connect all players via a multiverse, whether you are playing singleplayer or multiplayer. The story is crazy, but basically people start to wake up after trillions of years of sleep and find the universe to be on the brink of extinction. There will be black holes everywhere and these people will have to deal with an immensely different universe.

The game is very sparse on information, but so far Notch has said that the game will include hard science fiction, mining, trading, looting, engineering, computer systems, pvp and player versus environment (npc) space battles, duct tape, an economy system, random encounters and you will be able to seamlessly land on planets. There is no pricing for the game yet, but he said it is likely to follow the same model as Minecraft in which the game will be released in an early form and players will be able to help shape it. Oddly enough it sounds like a multiplayer game, even though there is singleplayer, and there will likely be a monthly fee if you join the multiverse (which there aren't any details on). Feel free to check out all of the initial details of the game below and I will certainly write more on this when more is revealed. Thanks for reading.
Main Website:

-Written by Sean Cargle

First Look At The New SimCity

I haven't written at all about the new SimCity by EA/Maxis since they announced it not too long ago, but just because it sounds kind of awful doesn't mean I cannot ignore it entirely. I am not particularly fond of this new SimCity, mainly because of it's always online DRM and no offline mode, but the game itself does look promising. They have been showing off the game's GlassBox Engine and how the game is going to work. It looks very much like the last couple SimCity games, but presumably with a ton of new improvements. They do seem to be following the queue of Anno 2070, another city building sim game, and are letting players choose between industry and environment. Also, for the first time they will be having multiplayer in the game, a multiplayer that actually lets you interact with your neighbors. You can help neighbors with disasters or hurt them with pollution, plus you could even share resources if you wanted to. The two videos out that show off game's engine are not at all representative of the game's graphics and they are merely trying to show off the deeper aspects of the game, like economy, units, maps and resources. Enough from me, the videos will now be commenced.

Huge News for Freeworlds: Tides of War

The developers at Freeworlds: Tides of War have been hinting at something big coming in April and today they revealed that it will be a huge playable demo. Originally they planned to release the full beta version of the mod in March, but they pushed that back to an undisclosed date. They have never released anything publicly for the mod and the demo they are releasing, which they are calling the demonstration package of the mod, is absolutely massive, but before I get over my head let me tell you what Freeworlds: Tides of War, incase you've never seen any of my previous posts about it. It is a total conversion for Freelancer, meaning 100% new content, and it is all Star Wars based. It is a huge project that has been going for years and it looks to put players in a massive multiplayer universe in which to battle npc's, battle other players and engage in giant fleet battles with all of your favorite ships from the Star Wars universe. If you want to read about it thoroughly check out my overview from last December. Take a look at this video and see how it looks in action, it's a bit old, but still exciting.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Orcs Must Die! 2 Announced

And it has co-op!!! One of the most sought after features of the first game. How Robot Entertainment managed to make a whole new Orcs Must Die! in one year is impressive and I'm really excited to see it at E3, just like we saw the first Orcs Must Die! at last years E3. It is going to be showing at PAX East, which is next week, and they will have a playable version up for anyone who is attending. There aren't a ton of details about the game yet, but there is a small list of features and a trailer. Storywise you still play the same War Mage, but he will be accompanied by an ex-War Mage that is now a Sorceress.