Mount & Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars

I’ve never seen any DLC for Mount & Blade before, only expansions, like Warband andWith Fire & Sword. Today Paradox Interactive announced today that there will be a multiplayer specific DLC called Napoleonic Wars and you can probably guess what that will be focusing on, 19th Century military combat complete with artillery, horribly inaccurate rockets and line infantry. Since it is entirely multiplayer it will be quite a bit different than anything else for Mount & Blade. They seem to have taken some notes from some very successfully Warband mods, like Mount & Musket and the many other mods that focus on this same type of combat, but with Napoleonic Wars they are making the experience deep by letting you choose your character based on the 220 unique units that will be in the game. Thankfully they have announcement trailer to show off how it’s going to look. Take a look at that then I will give the last details about the DLC.

If you watched that you might think that it’s just basically a Mount & Blade mod, one you have to pay money for, but it’s more than that. Everything about Napoleonic Wars shows that this isn’t a mod, it’s something worth money because of it’s large amount of content and high quality creations. Each battle will let you fight with two hundred and fifty players, I’ve never seen many games with that many players battling it out at once and that alone is exciting, but there are also artillery units (new to the series in general) like mortars, cannons and rockets. They even have period specific types of ammunition available for artillery, like canister shot, explosive shot and more. There is an engineer class that will be able to construct barricades, dig trenches or rig explosives and that is a huge step for them seeing as to how they’ve never had anything remotely like that in their games. You can even be a musician if you want to and march into battle with your bag pipes, fifes, drums or trumpets. The new multiplayer mode will be called Commander Mode and it will make it so one players will be able to lead squads of soldiers in battle. There isn’t anything else about the DLC just yet, like pricing or release date, but it sounds like a good reason to come back to Warband one more time.

If you want to check out the whole announcement take a look:
Thanks for reading.
-Written by Sean Cargle
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