Mysterious Castle

It is indeed mysterious. This game feels like I’m playing an old Ultima game mixed with some kind of turn based tactic games, all with an old school graphical style. You start in a randomly generated forest, with a town in it, and choose three party members to start the game with. You can select some options for how big you want the world to be, how bright, how many enemies and few other customization. Your party is fully customizable, with typical rpg attributes and inventory, but you don’t level up to gain new points in attributes you learn them by finding books. Everything moves around in real time until you run into enemies and the it becomes turn based. The game is tiny little indie game that is available free on PC and MAC but also on the iOS for $3. The most stable versions of the game are for mac and iOS, but the PC version ran perfectly fine for me, but the newest version doesn’t have any music.


I played the game for several hours and the first time I played it my entire party was slaughtered by a group of koblods five minutes into the game. The second time however I decided to be a bit more cautious and immediately found the town, gathered a few healing supplies, talked to several NPC’s and found a nearby cave full of the undead. So far the game seems to only consist of undead enemies, skeletons and zombies, and various types of koblods. They are always in groups and can be quite a huge threat to your party, especially if they manage to land critical hits or flanking blows. I like the way they did combat, took a bit of typical hack and slash mechanics and mixed it with some ideas from tactical rpgs like Final Fantasy tactics. You can flank enemies, surround enemies, sneak attack enemies, critical enemies, hit glancing blows and do several different types of attacks. Of course all of that can be done to your characters as well and in that regard the AI is quite good at flanking you when it can.

The game is made by one developer, Jeremy Jurksztowicz, and he is planning to add a full editor mode that will allow you to view the whole map and mess with it however you wish. It also looks like you will be able to make your own maps beforehand and save them. Here is the one screenshot on that.


The game is pretty enjoyable in the state it is in and it is very challenging. The developer plans to keep the game free for PC and Mac forever, eventually making it into a pay what you want kind of game. You can download the newest version of the game over at IndieDB or you can check it out on your phone at the App Store. Thanks for reading and check it out if you are into old rogue likes or party based tactical rpgs.
Main Website:

Thanks RPS for alerting me of the game’s existence. 
-Written by Sean Cargle

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