About Us

Adam Borchert aka Violent Gamer


Ever since I got my hands on Excitebike when I was 2 years old, I have always had a passion for gaming.  Maybe an unhealthy obsession at times, but games have always been a big part of my life.  It's what I love to do and my ultimate dream is to do SFX for video games.  In 2010 I decided to make this blog with my buddy Sean Cargle and start writing our own reviews.  My goal at the time was to make the site big enough to get passes into E3 which we accomplished in 2011.  After spending a lot of time and effort bringing news from E3 and watching our views double in one month, it really sank in that this could turn into something big.  I don't know what this site holds in the future but I am hoping to take the next step and build a brand new site for our game reviews.  Thank you everyone for your support!!  Catch me online!!

Xbox Live: Bloodvomit20

PSN: Bloodvomit213

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Sean Cargle aka Lokai


The first real game I can remember playing is Cannon Fodder. I played floppy disk games and some other old school treasures, but I'm afraid I was too young to remember most of them. The first game to get me really interested in gaming was Everquest in 1999, 11 years ago. I spent so many hours playing that front-runner of MMO's that it's a little embarrassing. I also cannot forget my first strategy games, the ones that got me hooked to the genre, like Dune and Command & Conquer. I can never forget the excitement that BF1942 brought; we had to wait a year so we could get a new computer to play that fantastic game.  Some of my favorite games these days are Company of Heroes, Total War Series, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Terraria and Minecraft. I had always thought of going to E3 as a dream, but when we actually went last June it was amazing, I still can't believe it. Started writing for this website with Adam back in November or October of 2010. I am a English Lit Major at Cal Poly Pomona and hope to keep pumping out reviews and previews for as long as possible.

Xbox Live: Lokai23

PSN: Lokai08

Steam: Lokai08

If you need to email us, you may email questions or comments, for either of us, to Violentgamer@gmail.com