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The effect of popular video game franchises on online casino games

Sequels are nothing new in the world of distributed media, but they do seem more prevalent in video games than in any other form of entertainment. While most movie franchises would settle for trilogies, a three-part franchise is relatively lightweight for popular video game titles. More often than not, game sequels reach to about their sixth iterations before audiences have had more than enough; and even then, game companies continue to milk their respective cows for what they’re worth. Just ask Activision.

Many video game franchises do deserve the popularity they’ve earned through the years, though. Further driving their fame are the various merchandising products with the games’ names stamped on them. One of the many industries that benefit from this business practice is online casino gaming.

For instance, a franchise that has survived well over two decades now is Capcom’s Street Fighter. Not counting SuperUltraHyperTurbo reissues and side series like the SF Alpha games, the main series is now on its fourth title. It’s this widespread acclaim of Street Fighter IV that has Betfair Arcade’s Street Fighter online slot game seeing multiple playthroughs as well.

That’s just one franchise. There are undoubtedly many others out there; and with the current shift to the eight generation of game consoles – primarily the PS4 and Xbox One – well-received franchises adapting to said video game generation are getting additional sales and PR boosts. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag on the latest consoles features sharper textures and more complex particles that give extra oomph to the already-lauded water effects. NBA 2K14 represents the next step in the evolution of sports game graphics with its ultra-lifelike player representations and animations. And then there are games like Batman: Arkham Origins which, despite not getting a next-gen console release, is still a hot commodity.

Along with these video game franchises, their online casino versions are getting just as much love from aficionados of online casino gaming. More surprisingly, even those new to the niche gaming market are introduced to it via their love for the franchises.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The video game industry is home to various household names, both old and new. Characters like Pac-Man have also been given the online casino treatment, in the hopes of attracting players who have fond memories of playing the ‘80s arcade classic. The bottom line is, whichever video game character or franchise is in vogue at any given moment, whether through breakout popularity or through nostalgia, online casino games are following suit.

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